Kink Makes Plans to Release Their First Commercial DVD

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While long ago mastered the art of online video publication, they have yet to compile any of their thousands of movies onto DVDs for public consumption. Though it has been one of their goals for some time now, the pieces hadn't quite come together, until now. A Japanese production company called Baby Entertainment was fascinated with and flew some representatives out to San Francisco to discuss the possibility of working together. After meeting with executives, the two companies came up with a plan to get the DVD project in motion. Baby Entertainment will bring a team to Japan to shoot with Japanese models, which combined with several archival Fucking Machines movies will comprise the content of 4 DVDs to be released in Japan. Everyone at is elated to finally see their hard work be packaged onto a DVD and presented to the global market.
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  1. Joe says:

    These are great news. Cant wait to see it.

  2. Freya says:

    For irony’s sake, Schroedinger.

  3. ghostuncle says:

    How about “Purr-vert” or just “Purrv”

  4. flash says:

    how about “crop” ?since cat o nine is so obvious.

  5. magdalena says:

    It has to be Kink or Kinky kitty. “Come here kinky kinky kitty!” By the way the Armory is haunted.

  6. Rhys says:

    I’d go for wired, myself. But i like short pet names. Nothing annoys me more than people with tiny dogs called ‘Louis Botengarry’, or other such silliness.

    No offence intended toward people named Louis Botengarry.

  7. statepalace says:

    Attila the Nun.

    Attila because she will be a vicious mouse killer, and Nun because of course she will be fixed. And it can be shortened to Tilly for cuteness sake.

  8. Lynn says:

    I like Xena too. I also like Artemis.

    With that said, if it’s a boy…let’s call him Aries. He was in Xena and he’s the Greek God of War….since he’s waging war on the mice.

    Or, we could call him Zeus too.

  9. phil says:

    Hellcat Maggie.

    After an old 1800′s new york gangster who used to sharpen her fingernails and teeth into claws and fangs that she would use to bite and tear into her opponents. Which is a bit kinky in itself, and just plain vicious

  10. Justin says:

    What about Mathilde? For short you could call her Tillie.

    If this is Peter’s cat I guess the full name would be Mathilde “Tillie” Acworth.

    I don’t know what you think, but Tillie sounds cute to me.

  11. crush says:

    Why not “Puss in Boots”

    But then, I’m partial ;)

  12. Rusty says:


    With all the wired pussies there, she’d have to set some rules

  13. Jane says:

    It’s best not to name an animal something that you can’t shout in public. (she could get outside).

    Consider K.C. – it could stand for ‘Killer Cat’ or ‘Kitty Cat’.

  14. cyberdog says:

    I like Hitachi. It’s a name that fits the environment and wouldn’t be questioned on the street either. Also makes the cat exotic ;-).

  15. jezabel hussey says:

    Duh! How about Mouse Trap?

  16. jezabel hussey says:

    How about Massokitty or Massocat, after all the cat is being a volunteer massochist to get the job done.

  17. Marco says:

    China Cat-O-Nine Tails

  18. Ella says:

    I think you should call it Le Snoop. Like a spy cat. Uh huh.

  19. Drunk_yoda says:

    How about:




  20. Zannie says:

    Souris, pronounced “sooree.” It has two meanings in French–mouse and smile. Mouse is cute and ironic, and smile is appropriate because all of Kink’s models smile, and the cat will make all of Kink’s employees and visitors smile.

  21. Lulu says:

    You want English, female and proud? Duchess…nuff said. You wanted cute, name her after the white cat from that Disney Movie…Duchess.

  22. Dolly says:

    I love the name Hitachi :)

  23. brandon wilcox says:


  24. Carol says:

    Blimey, we need loads more cats. Some of these names are just too good not to use.

  25. Fanboi says:

    How bout Beatrix or Kiddo or Beatrix Kiddo… after all you do have a pussywagon!

  26. joe4music says:

    Name her Shmii!

  27. David says:

    Some girl kitty names:

    Keshi (pronounced kesh-ee)



    Kyko or Kiko




  28. Lederliebste says:


  29. Kate James says:

    Well, I think it should be the cat version of Clare Fonda’s cute puppy…MaXXXi :)

    But I like Pouncer too…

  30. Queenie says:

    Loki – God of Mischief

  31. lunatichighff says:

    Name the cat Tank. This is an ‘armory,’ after all…

  32. Clary says:


  33. Kat says:

    Pywicket…after the cat in Bell, Book and Candle…a cat of power as all cats have =^,,^= heehee!

  34. Lederliebste says:


  35. eyebullience says:

    One more possibility: kitty le kat.

  36. eyebullience says:

    Lady Macbeth.

  37. Jackie says:

    Why don’t you call her Mistress?

  38. C.R.E. Harding says:



    -was the Norse God of mistjif.

    I thought someone eles’ name of Slink was cool as well.

  39. Cvixen says:


  40. John says:

    I think the cat’s name should be “Betty P.” The P can stand for Page or Purr, depending on her mood.

  41. Elfjester says:

    HI! how about Blithe its a name my brother used in his flash web site for his littlegirl

    the site is check out the little girl and her pet clown crackers

  42. LN says:

    Little Death

  43. Deb says:

    I meant Kiki , or Kimba , I’m feeling ‘k’s today…

  44. Dee says:

    Boudicca (BOO dik ah); British, triumph.

  45. Glorfindell says:

    You could call her by a fitting name which also happens to be the new most offensive word in the english language – Bush

  46. fitknee says:

    How about Clitty-Cat?

  47. ezdidit says:

    Name that cat Aretha Franklin,

    a dominant force in popular culture.

  48. Sadistic_Healer says:

    Um. . . how about “Leather”?

  49. Brunhilda says:

    I think Snuggly would be a nice counterpoint to all of the kink about.

  50. anon says:

    how ’bout “FUCKER”

  51. antsinthekitchen says:

    I had a friend that had named her cat this, and it was appropriate for a cat that grew up in the digital melieu…


    This cat was a female cat, so I tend to think of this name as feminine.

    So I guess the masculine name would have to be Dvorak.


  52. gabriel says:

    I suggest Xena, warrior princess.

    Although I think La-la and Kinky are good too!

  53. Arghun says:

    I’ve owned cats name Dammit and Thing (as in “That damn black thing!”)

    The wife suggests Wiebke (Pronounced Web – key) – dutch for war. She’s going to wage war on the Armory’s mice and it IS an Armory after all.

    And there is always gizmo ……..

  54. zeus says:

    Kinky is the best

  55. Hannah says:

    1. Conchita Sausalito

    2. Deep Six


    3. Nix

  56. cheering_cutie23 says:

    call her FRISKY!!

  57. Isa says:

    I propose Mieze! It’s the German name for kitty. Short, but cute.

  58. Jess says:

    I was thinking Tiger Lily after the Indian Princess from Peter Pan…and here is why. First off the obvious connection to Peter. Tiger Lily is the proud, beautiful princess of the Piccaninny Tribe. She is apparently old enough to be married, but she refuses any suitors because she desires Peter over all. Also Tiger Lily is nearly killed by Captain Hook when she is seen boarding the Jolly Roger with a knife in her mouth(this shows her cat like stealth and killer instinct), but she is saved by Peter (just as the cat was saved by her Peter). Also Tiger Lilly is royalty (all be it Native royalty) and for a cat living in a virtual castle this is very appropriate. Lastly we can’t forget that in the story Tiger Lily is bound and gagged and left helpless on a stone in front of “Skull rock” before she is saved by Peter. So there you have it, a connection to Peter,an example of her “killer” instinct, a bondage reference, an English connection and a feline connection all wrapped up in the name Tiger Lily…any questions!?

  59. Peter says:

    Mickey Mouth

  60. Carol says:

    I loved reading those ideas. Now we need lots of cats to use the names, they are so good! But the resident puss we have comes to La-la. Well I think she does, she is so skittish it’s hard to tell whether she is coming or going!

  61. Adam says:

    Kitty Vicious

  62. Genesis says:

    I agree… I vote along with the others for: Kinky the Kat… How could you even over look that? >^..^< or maybe Kinkster? or… um… Kinkaroo? All I know is the new cat is adorable and pleeeaaasseee don’t name her anything with the word pussy in it. While it may be fitting, she really needs to have a cooler name than that! – Genesis =^..^=

  63. J Dub says:

    How bout “Fritz”

  64. Marissa says:

    I like Shackles!

  65. Erica says:

    I <33 Nintails. For the win~

  66. MikSpike says:

    How abount: “Whippers” or “Snappers”?

    Also a vote for “Kinky”

  67. Ron Chee says:

    How about, “KinkKat”?

    Or, “GEDDOWN” … as in “Geddown” off my computer desk, “Geddown” off the microwave, “Geddown” off the fridge … or any place else she decides to explore?

  68. Beppo the mime says:

    OK, one more suggestion and I’ll stop. Promise.

    Shiva (if a girl) and Shakti (if a boy).

    Their symbolism in the Indian practice of tantra is quite powerful. Do a Google search if interested.


  69. kolibri says:

    hi all.

    1. bonny and clyde are good

    2. what about these arabic names?

    - SAYYIDA (which means lady, mistress, als she is the mistress of the armory, and could be completed with Sayyid, the lord :-) )

    - ZAYNA which means “beauty, grace”

    PLEASE nothing with pussy, please! She is so wonderful, she deserves a great name.

  70. El Duce says:


  71. CJDS says:

    Nuncio (pronounce: Nun-see-o)

    A type of ambassador. In this case…a real paradox.

  72. blackk says:

    Poti means pussy in Maori(NZ) so it fits in several ways and isnt obvious

  73. blackk says:

    As a New Zealander I name my cats (4) in Maori and the Maori for Cat is Poti a Maori translitersation for pussy so It avoids being obvious but is connected

  74. Beppo the Mime says:

    Ok, I got it.

    Something British (in honor of Peter)

    Something devilish (inspired by the worker who intoned “Diablo!”)

    Something that is inspired by the late great Syd Barrett (who was quite devilish and very British) ……

    Lucifer Sam.


  75. La says:

    I think La-La is perfect. No need to change!! ;-)

  76. Luke says:

    I would name her “Chewy”…

  77. nemoru says:

    I would vote for the obvious. Helcat or Hel for short.

  78. pizzaman says:


  79. anonymous says:

    Minnie the Mouser.

  80. olive says:


    A demure name for a graceful little mouserette killer.

  81. anon says:

    I totally 2nd Knots!

  82. harry2000 says:

    Washington, Lincoln or Jenna Jameson

  83. Orts says:

    Simple and appropriate: Knots

  84. sub72 says:

    for male: Bruno

    for female: Mouse

  85. redknight says:


    like the title of a missing work of de Sade….

  86. Danny Adams says:

    Caligula is a good name for the cat LOL.

  87. Beppo the Mime says:

    Ok, a couple of suggestions:

    1) Frisky (kind like Kink-y, but more along the cat lines and the obvious connotations)

    2) Cat-a-tooey (kinda like rat a touille, but for a cat) — yeah, I’m sure. Dumb. :O)

    3) a play on the name Puss n Boots. Perhaps Pussy n Booty. If a male cat, perhaps Mr Booty?

    4) Shmeigel (name lifted from the Golem in Lord of the Rings. Kinda has that Dungeons and Dragons feel being that this cat WILL be in the old armory – a dungeon/ castle of sorts, no?).


  88. Euphoriac says:

    A few suggestions;

    – Little Missy

    – Misk

    – Sabre

    – Fluffy, Scourge of the Mission

  89. Gopher says:


  90. Jack says:

    just call it kk, exactly how it sounds. it could be for anything such as KinK, kinky kat, killer kat, or if a child asks, which i would hope they would not be in that area, kitty kat.

  91. Scott says:

    I like “Shackles” – a nice unisex name.

  92. Ellen says:

    Ollie-too (after dearly departed Oliver)

  93. SIR WILLIAM says:

    We know that King Kong was vicious with his enemy, but always had a soft spot for the ladies!…so KINKONG and maybe shortened to just KONG.

  94. Donald says:

    Name her Jemima, because she’s almost as cute as Veerle Casteleyn.

  95. SIR WILLIAM says:


  96. Anne says:

    How about Jack the Ripper

    Or if its a girl Jackie the Ripper

  97. timmeh says:

    How about Kinki-la-Doucette, as in the famous debating cat (kiki).

  98. rob presnjev says:

    I would say simply:



  99. Doris says:

    Artemis: the greek goddess of Hunting

    Aphrodite: the greek goddess of love, lust and beauty

    Diana: the roman goddess of Hunting

    Venus: the roman goddess of love, lust and beauty

    Freya: the Norse goddes of fertility

    Bast (Bastet): the egyptian (cat(lion)goddess of perfume and female devourer

    Kallyste: from the greek Kallistos – the most beautyful, Callista was a nymph from Artemis

  100. Tony1827 says:

    Another vote for “Kinky Kitty”


  101. me says:

    Bushy A. Tushy

  102. Les says:

    “Kinky”, “Laptop”, “Taboo”, “Endorphin”…

  103. papabear says:

    How about Kinxie or Trixie

  104. HD says:

    How about “O9″


  105. Amsy says:

    What about “Gigo” (pronounced gee-goo)… from “gigolo” ?

    If is a girl, “Geigy”… from ‘geisha’ ?

  106. Maras says:

    Well, since it’s an armoury cat, you could call her Missile (for short, Miss or Missy).

  107. Blimp says:

    Jeff… or Jane if its a girl.

  108. Simone says:





  109. Tec says:

    Amore (A-more-ay)

  110. Les says:

    Here Clitty, Clitty!

  111. plutin says:

    I think that Lisanne would be a good name for the mouse killer.

  112. Adrian Hardhand says:

    For a male kitten, “Marquis” or “de Sade.” For a female, either “Mistress” or “Matisse.”

  113. Morr says:

    +2 for kinky

  114. Joeknots says:

    Came to the comment section to suggest “Nine Tails” and was quite pleased to see that Gutsball already suggested it!

    +1 to Nine Tails.

  115. Lexy says:

    How about SHIBARI? Japanese for bondage.

  116. Gutsball says:

    If we’re going with a BDSM theme, I would suggest Nine Tails.

  117. mike says:

    +1 for kinkie :=)

  118. Alessandro says:

    Male Cat Stevens, female Pussy Galore or Octopussy

  119. minimum says:

    Scout is a name that implies the hunting of mice and men!

  120. tandp says:

    bonnie so you can get a clyde

  121. tomcat says:

    who many people have to say killer before you accept the cat for what it is – a mouse eater!

    Though I do like Pussy Galore too ;)

  122. brenda says:

    a beutiful cat i hope she has been spayed.

    I would call her Rosie after the the English rose

    Princess Diana

  123. jo says:

    Why not name her Hitachi? It seems suitable for our resident porn castle mouse catcher.

  124. HENRY says:

    Hi friends, I think the name for the Armory-cat should simply be:





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