Tripod Man Becomes One of the Newest Faces of is always seeking fresh faces and new models to enrich our content. Though we all have our favorites, breaking in a first-timer is something that everyone can rally behind. Recently,’s new Pussy Wagon chauffeur Guido approached Senior VP of Production. Lisset Barcellos, about his friend, Tripod Man, a little person with some big assets and a yearning to be an adult entertainer. Seeing the potential of this enthusiastic applicant, put Tripod Man to the test by having him participate in the live shoot for Princess Donna’s yet-to-be-named new website. And after delivering a strong performance with Samantha Sin, Tripod Man had the attention of the entire company.


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  • bwhorn

    Cyd Nova,

    You said that Princess Donna and were “resposible”.

    I suggest you go to the “documentaries” page and look at the videos shot in New York. Princess Donna shoots in public, in front of children and toursits at Battary Park, without permits. They were forced to shoot with toursits around because they overslept.

    They shot bondage scenes in front of pedestrians in what I guess is Central Park, I’m not THAT familiar with New York. Again, aparently without permits.

    They shot a bondage scene on the roof of a building with a picnic going on around them, and a Little League baseball game being played in the field below.

    They shot a Wired Pussy scene on a busy street in New York, without permits. The model changed her clothes while standing in a busy street.

    When Princess Donna set out to shoot her fisting test video she went down to the Embarcadero and shot her fisting scene in a parked van with large, clear windows. You can see people, including children, walking by in the background. You can see cars, bicycles, and trollies roll by in the background. There are people all over the place.

    Again, shot without permits.

    When they set out to shoot the abduction website test shoot they were discovered in a parking garage by security and told to leave. If they had actually been shooting an abduction when the security showed up things could have gotten very ugly. Again, they did not get permits, and they did not warn anyone that they were shooting a video in their garage.

    I could go on, but I am bored. It’s too easy. It’s like shooting carp in a vat of jello. Claiming that Princess Donna is “responsible” just demonstrates your own lack of judgement.

    Happy New Year.

  • Cyd Nova

    Unfortunately it may be too late to weigh in on this issue in a way that has consequences, however –

    I think that people really need to look at the rationality of their arguments.

    It is of course tempting to debate about pornography (especially in connection with possible exposure to children) in an emotive or moralistic way. But the fact is that is a business, and cannot run it’s sites based on some peoples gut discomfort with a particular issue.

    If you have a personal issue with public disgrace, then yes…by all means…avoid the website. Even cancel your subscription to other sites if their connection to PD means you cannot ethically enjoy them. However, once you start effecting peoples jobs and business and also social expectations for censorship, then you have to start talking about this in a rational way.

    I’ve worked for Princess Donna and with and I know that consent is an important issue for them. I trust that they would not do anything to unreasonably put their models or the public in danger, not only because obviously a respected porn company doesn’t want be put in the position of being deemed untrustworthy – but I feel that for both Donna and Peter these are forefront personal priorities.

    Making porn is about creating fantasy. And the porn that you see leaves out a lot of things that would detract from the creation of that fantasy – that includes safety precautions, discussion of who is actually allowed to have contact with the model, lookouts, and checking in with local laws and customs about what is appropriate behaviour. After all – a rape fantasy where the ‘victim’ had to verbalize every 2 minutes ‘this is not an actual sexual assault’….well you know it wouldn’t really work. So I think it’s important to recognize that what you see is not exactly what happened.

    Secondly, the actual risk is…pretty damn minimal. 20 seconds – to be very generous, of an underage person catching glimpse of a scene being shot (complete with cameras) from a passing vehicle is pretty unlikely to scar them for life. Especially in a world where such events couldn’t even compete in their impact with the following:

    * footage of torture and war on TV

    * billboards and magazines proclaiming that an emaciated, vulnerable, sexually passive woman is the ideal

    * such events as rodeos, bull/chicken/dog fights, and sports hunting where the torture of animals is used for our enjoyment

    * depictions of sexual assault in the news. For example this lovely story: Where a sex worker gang raped at gunpoint was ruled by a judge as ‘theft of services’

    In comparison with these things, the viewing of the relatively laughable depictions of violence on kink would be pretty fucking small potatoes. Some people may be confused or titillated, but to suggest that it is going to have some long term effects on the psyches of those exposed is not really accounting from the reality of the world we live in.

    My last point is moralistic arguments about this site has long lasting complications. You may not be aware of this, but right now obscenity cases are on the rise. Yes, free speech is passe these days, people. And many people are having to accommodate for the public opinion in what creative processes they can portray. You have the power of threatening creators of porn with doing jail time, with losing their business, losing their community. Is that a threat you want to take on with a perhaps hastily written internet comment about something that you, personally, disagree with?

    If you don’t like porn, don’t watch it.

    If people in Budapest had issues with kink’s filming, I’m sure they are pretty capable of taking up that cause themselves.

    And just remember, just because you can power trip on an internet board doesn’t mean you should

  • peteracworth

    Hi Everyone,

    Recently, we have received feedback from various sources regarding our new site We have been listening carefully to this discussion and value every comment we’ve received, regardless of its point of view. The feedback we have received has helped spark a necessary internal debate, which in turn has helped us reevaluate and augment our shooting rules ( so that future shoots produced for PublicDisgrace clearly uphold’s values (

    We have decided to revise existing material. Future shoots will be shot in full compliance with our modified shooting rules. Additionally, we are changing our pre-production workflow to more fully facilitate inquiry and evaluation during the early development stages of new projects.

    Our commitment to deliver ethical and authentic kinky adult entertainment stands, and we are grateful for your participation in our mission to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities.

    We remain, as always, responsive to your feedback and welcome further discussion on this or any other matter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter Acworth

    Founder and CEO,

  • uglyvan

    I’m sorry to warm you, but do you really think that in any “classical family” parents make love *only* when their kids are asleep ?

    here I’m talking about clairvoyant abilities; I remember a Walt Disney Show where Samantha Ronsom’s girlfriend was singing and dancing and a photographer took a picture of her back, which was naked (that is to say, children were seeing her ass); well, actually, everybody was laughing, and children were laughing.

    The case here is whether sex is associated with violence ( in this case children would be traumatised/shocked and it is reprehensible by law) but if the girl exposed in the session is clearly amusing herself, taking pleasure in her disgrace, then children would laugh a lot (and, why not even participate ===>see the end of movie Vinyan with Emmanuelle Beart and you will clearly see a debut of “mummy is playing sex with children”)


    about clairvoyant abilities: in each intro scene there is a speech where the actress views scenes which are being realised; for the poor spectator (am I speaking of me ? :( ) he sees nothing at all, only hears audible speech; some hear extra audio, usually called telepathy (ah, here I am :) ); and the luckier ones can preview the show in this intro (you sure must bear superior sight); mmmh, what about a site with super x porno (don’t tell me it would cost a lot, when you have superpowers it is free to use at will) ?

  • bjork

    Why are we waiting?

    What an excellent question, Kathryn.

    i don’t know Peter personally, but i’d like to think we are waiting because Peter really is the honest, principled person he appears to be and that he and his people are giving our comments real consideration. That takes time. Mike719’s post today on the Behind Kink forum that there will be an update on the issue this week gives me some hope that this is the case. But i’ll feel a lot better when (if?) we actually hear from Peter himself or someone with clear authority to speak on his behalf.

    On the other hand, the fact that Peter’s previous posts on this issue were deleted was very disheartening and disappointing to me. The fact is that Peter stated his position several times over, and those of us with real concerns found it completely unconvincing. There may be little left for him to say if he has decided to continue with the site in its present form.

    i noted that in Peter’s (now deleted) responses he hinted that if we only knew the “real” shooting circumstances and rules, our concerns would be relieved. If that is really the case, then i wonder why he doesn’t just post the shooting rules for PD. He seemed to suggest that knowing the shooting rules would somehow ruin the experience for subscribers. But the shooting rules for all other Kink sites have always been clearly posted, and apparently have not ruined the experience for the subscribers to those sites. Why should posting the PD shottoing rules be any different? And if an individual subscriber really thinks reading the PD shooting rules might ruin the experience for him or her, then he or she is perfectly free not to read them at all.

    Perhaps it’s because the PD site blatantly violates several rules of the current Kink shooting rules, including rule number 1, which reads:

    “1. Every model and every spectator MUST have a valid ID proving they are over 18.”

    And rules number 30 and 31, which read:

    “30. Sexually explicit conduct cannot take place where minors might see it. Crew must be able to guarantee no minor can see the activities.

    “31. Nobody can be exposed to sexual behavior who has not consented to witnessing it.”

    Clearly, Peter and Kink have a lot to explain and justify surrounding this issue, including the violation of their own shooting rules. i’m willing to give them time to do that, and to consider their comments with an open mind. But they must do it sooner, rather than later, and with real thoughtfulness behind their responses—not the glib, self-serving, marketing-speak that we’ve been served up until now.

    Finally, aside from my very real concern about protecting children and non-consenting adults, i just want to say that as a full-time lifestyler, i have very real concerns about this site and its effect on our own community. i dream of the day when our lifestyles (D/s, M/s or whatever they may be) are as accepted as any vanilla relationship. Unfortunately, when a flagship of our community (which Kink certainly has become) takes a cavalier attitude toward protecting children and nonconsenting adults, it reflects on our whole community and sets us way back in our desire to be acknowledged and accepted. And this is true whether those children and non-consenting adults are citizens of the US, UK or any other place on the planet, whether or not local mores and laws are being broken.

    i just hope that Peter and Kink are taking this issue as seriously as it deserves. And i am anxiously awaiting their anticipated thoughtful response.



  • Kathryn

    Why are we WAITING???




  • tina

    The only real anti-public disgrace point i can come up with would be people might see it get freaked out and call the cops, other thank that i am obsessed with these videos! So hot.

  • bwhorn

    You know what? I don’t need to wait for Peter’s answer, which may never come anyway. It’s going to be lame. It’s going to piss people off. It’s going to prove what I already know, that all of this talk about a CommUNITY is just so much advertising bullshit. will continue to violate laws and ignore their own ethical code in the name of profit. And you know what? Their shit isn’t even that good. In fact, it kinda sucks. There’s much better kinky video out there. Hell, Princess Donna has done much better work at other companies.

    So, have fun waiting for the answer that may never come. I have had my fill of the cult.

  • bwhorn

    I expect that eventually will shut down Behind Kink, because the truth is that it is more trouble than it is worth. It doesn’t appear to produce revenue. It brings up issues that are better left alone. It exposes the customers to information that could outrage them and hurt business. There are a lot of things about the porno industry that the consumers of porn really don’t need or want to know. We want to see them suck the sausage, we don’t want to see how they make the sausage hard. And despite the fact that the portrayal of what happens at is exceedly, unrealistically positive, this website reveals, either intentionally or unintentionally, way too much information about the company and the people who work here. If it hadn’t been for Behind Kink, people who liked the content on Public Disgrace would never have questioned where or how it was made.

  • pink


    I can understand deleting blatantly offensive and nonconstructive posts – but WHY are you censoring pertinent information in this conversation?

  • Frankophile

    It has been observed in the other thread on this topic that all of Peter’s posts have been deleted except the last one. The coverup has begun.

  • Frankophile

    I would be very surprised if there is an actual announcement from concerning this issue. They seem to prefer the “sweep it under the rug” method. They never announced that the pissing website was a bust. They never announced that the fisting website was a bust. They never announced that the abduction website was a bust. If the website is making money I don’t expect any kind of response at all. They will just stop talking about it.

  • Kathryn

    Voodoo – I laughed aloud for ages at that comment! 😀 Brilliant!

    Is anyone else getting sick of waiting for Peter’s update on how the site content is going to be changed???

    ‘Later this week’ is turning into sometime next week!

  • uglyvan

    hello everybody!!!

    I’m writing from France, where we have a new loto system in which there might be as much as ten times more winners (but you must rely on the “bouche-à-oreille” for the time present).

    for the Obama vs Mc Cain contest, here’s my point of view: I call it “Brack & Schnack” in reference to “Brock et Schnock”; in french Brack means when you enters a bank to rob money; Schnack is to mean going to the snack while drinking schnaps (my girlfriend the actress Emmanuelle Beart still lacks me the understanding of what schnaps is related to; let’s assume that it is a “good but detracted” drinking).

    now you should be informed that The Time magazine maybe will be facing it’s first “We were wrong about the name of next president of United States”, and, because we are speaking of public sex, involving children is NOT reprehensible by the law (especially the girls who at the age of 4 are usually ready to get fucked in the ass); maybe in the near future we will condamn for virgin murderers, and of course not any boy should evermore get his purses out of his body (sorry i’m a bad english writer but you should have the meaning of my thought); as you might have noticed in Public Disgrace, the perfection of the ass comes to an end in the coming of Goddess Emmanuelle, so thanks 😉 my dear for some of those moments that you share physically with (groumf!) your friends; in the hope of your coming to my home in a near future, I send you big kisses (yes yes you know the ’74 movie) :love: :love: :love:

    EB: – ha haa Ugly de my Heart :love2:

  • Frankophile

    Who the fuck is “us”? If you are in the closet you’re certainly aren’t one of *them*. And you’re not one of *us*. So maybe it’s you and the shoes in the closet? Maybe just the left shoes, hm?

  • Kathryn

    To ‘Kinky in the closet':

    Thanks for your valuable input into this debate. I think your ‘fuck them’ attitude exactly sums up ‘our’ arguments regarding why this site needs to be changed!!!

  • kinky in the closet

    You guys rock. fuck these right wing conservatives that don’t like us, your content, and want slam you. They don’t understand the positive outlet that you are providing us all.

  • JROD

    Don’t change anything. And if you are still going to do so make it more blatant and the scenes more humiliating and degrading for the women. There are surreptious ways around this. (Eg. the use of a shop window that will exhibit a female scantily clad strung up on a whipping frame and stripped naked. Done in the evening or at night, with a curtain drawn and then slowly and fully opened, the window then illuminated to show a victim, maybe hooded, corseted writhing under the whip, silently – since one can only hear muffled noises thru a thick glass window.)


  • peteracworth

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you everyone for contributing to this incredibly important discussion. Please be aware that we are reviewing all of the Public Disgrace content, along with your comments and concerns, and are considering changes. We will update you here later this week.

    Peter Acworth


  • Frankophile

    I don’t think that Princess Donna is a bad person, at least as far as I can tell. Perhaps she is- I don’t know. I do know from what I have seen on this website that she is not responsible enough to be trusted with running a website like this. Screwing with people in public is a very delicate matter, and she should not be allowed to do it simply because it turns her on. You can’t predict how people are going to react to something that could be very provoking, especially if they are taken by surprise by it. The repercussions should something go wrong could be very serious, to the participants and to the fetish community in general.

    I don’t know why she thinks it is important that we validate HER fantasies through a website. I don’t have anybody validating MY fantasies, and I manage to make it through the day. I suspect, on the contrary, that there are far too many people validating Donna’s fantasies already.

    And she has already said in videos on this website that she feels she has a right to expose strangers to her sex acts, and also that she has the right to expose children to her sex acts.

    Perhaps you will see this as an unwarranted criticism, but the words came out of her mouth on your website. I’m just repeating what is already elsewhere on this website.

  • Marin is in

    Peter’s point about the nude beaches in Europe is my point. The belief that he expressed that Americans are gun-toting puritans because he saw “The A Team” when he was a kid is my point.

    Princess Donna, being from New York, has also made comments about people in New York being “more accepting” of certain things than people in San Fransisco. How long has she lived in San Fransisco? How many nude beaches are there in New York?

    I said “ANYONE making decisions”. Did you make the decision to travel to Eastern Europe to shoot “Princess Donna’s Public Disgrace”? Peter says he did that because of the culture and laws in the U.S., and his explanation insults us. It also demonstrates a curious attitude towards the country that made all of his dreams come true.

    That’s my point.

  • Kink PR

    Marin is in – I’m not sure what your point is. Just because Peter did not grow up in San Francisco doesn’t mean nobody at Kink is from here. Lots of us are.

  • Marin is in

    You know, I recalled that when I lived in San Fransisco there was a nude beach across the bridge in Marin county. So I looked it up in the internet, and I was wrong. There are SIX nude beached in Marin county. Maybe if ANYONE making decisions at was actually from San Fransisco you would have known that. You don’t have to go to Europe to find a nude beach. And you don’t need to stereotype Americans, Englishman.

  • bwhorn

    Steffen, doesn’t give a shit about freedom. Not only have all of my posts been deleted, but I received a very threatening letter from’s lawyer, who told me that he would have me arrested if I didn’t stop posting here, and that freedom of speech does not exist on

  • Steffen

    I agree that Kink has crossed the line this time but won’t add anything to the arguments above.

    But I’ve to raise my voice against all those prejudices about Europe. Judging Hungary or even Europe by the standards of Budapest is like judging the USA by Las Vegas.

    European beaches DON’T embrace nudity!!! In many places it’s tolerated to be topless when lying on your belly. For full nudity there are certain shielded areas in those countries familiar with this culture. But especially Hungary isn’t one of them. This is a very catholic country where many women (outside of Budapest and Balaton) cover their hair out of religious reasons and you (m/f) are required to cover knees and shoulders in public.

    I’m sorry to destroy this illusion but Europe is as much a place of endless nudity as the USA are the country of endless wealth.

    And going to one of the poorest countries in Europe where many women are forced into prostitution by either hunger or brute force because these shots aren’t possible in shiny SF is the first mile on the road which ends in children brothels in Thailand!


    To the censor:

    You and me live in free democratic countries, consider the meaning of this before hitting the delete-button.

  • American Idiot

    One last point. If the people who are fucking your models are also models, and the area is secured, then it’s fake and not really in public at all. Which raises the question- why bother going out in public if you are not really in public? If you are creating a “fake” public experience you could just as easily build sets in the armory to simulate a public setting.

    Something about your explanation doesn’t add up.

    I think you are lying- either to us, or yourself.

  • American Idiot

    Peter, what you maybe didn’t realize living in England is that “The A Team” is TV for morons. I’m not saying that YOU are a moron, neccesarily. We got Monty Python in America, and we also got Benny Hill. But I don’t believe that all Englishmen chase bikini-clad models in superfast motion. So let’s try not to judge one another based on TV shows.

    The thing I don’t like about Kink,com is that you seem to have decided that the entire fetish culture is a product that you own- that you somehow represent the fetish culture. But as someone who has been interested in fetish since before most of your models were even born I say that is a babe in the woods. And frankly, you talk a good game about reponsibility, but your behavior is anything but responsible.

    Princess Donna shot bondage in public in New York without permits or a plan in front of children and tourists. She shot a bondage scene on a roof in New York with a barbeque going on, and a little league baseball game going on in the field below. She took her fisting test shoot out into the streets of San Fransisco. That’s in the U.S., where they have all those funny ideas about sex.

    That’s not responsible. That’s incredibly reckless.

    The truth is you will justify anything if you think it will make you money. That’s the culture that really represents, the money culture.

  • Crazy Clown

    Well I think the Site “Public Disgrace.Com” is “Fantastic”- “Great” !!! I just hope Princess Donna and Ackworth keep making more Sexy Great Content, with more hott models wearing sexy alluring outfits in Public, like having models wear really tight short-shorts with High heels, and very short Mini-Skirts too !!! Love to see the Hott Babes wearing “Collars & Leashes & Handcuffs” too !!! Would like to se however some “Knarley” Kinky Sex, involving a “Big Tractor Trailer”,, where a Chick is taken and placed in the back of a Semi-Trailer to be Gang Fucked, by some Black Dudes,, theres a lotta hott white chicks into this scenerio too !!! I’m a member of this hott web site that caters to hott white chicks, married and single, thats into Black on White Sex,, Dominance & Submission, theres lotta FREE Video too mostly Amateur too taken by members – its – http://WWW.CUCKOLDSPACE.NET Go check out the web site, its totally hott – CUCKOLDSPACE.NET

  • pink

    by author – sometimes (shared point of view of Peter): “When I came to the US and saw public displays of guns I was pretty horrified. Devices specifically designed to kill other human beings were flaunted, visible to kids, handled casually, even held up as aspirational. Now that was offensive.”

    I call Total Bullshit and Over Exaggeration! If it’s not – perhaps you should think about moving out of “The Hood” and into a safer neighborhood or, back to Europe.

    I’m sure some of us know people (like a father or a grandfather) that went hunting or owned a gun – I would bet money that most did not run around on busy public streets FLAUNTING their Rifles and imposing their gun interest on others.

    This Hoity-Toity Europe vs. US (us versus them) attitude that is coming across by Kink is a pathetic argument to try and justify this site. IMO, shoving a personal fetish down someones throat doesn’t demystify it….it just leaves a bad taste in their mouth!

    Peter, although there are people that will find this form of extreme exhibitionism entertaining, there are many (if not more) that won’t. By your copy and paste KinkPR post (which was already posted in the forum) and your personal one here, it’s apparent that you’re only trying to justify this particular fetish and, are giving very little regard to anything else.

    Perhaps one day You/Kink will get back to center and truly stand for the values you once had – like being ethical and consensual.

  • Chasm

    To gain a fast insight into the european mentality, public opinion and even laws(!) just reverse “The American” way to think about about guns and sex.

  • Concerned Dommes

    By the way, is there an international human rights lawyer on staff with Has this activity been cleared with the provinces in question? Is there public notice given to warn/interest people in the area? How are grievances handled? What is the legal forum, is this defined for a US or European judicial district? Are complaints to be arbitrated within or outside of the courts?

    Legally, in the US and most other countries, pornographic online sites are loosely protected by the indemnity clause that goes with the “I am 18 and consenting to view…” Actually, while the protection covers some general injuries, most people are unaware that the online agreement is not a complete legal bar from suit, and this misconception usually prevents people from filing suit when they are injured. Considering that intentional viewers can still be found to be injured, how is hoping to be safe?

    Is there a lawyer in the house who has any answers? Surely with the extreme nature of this site, there has been some extensive legal research and mitigation taken.

  • Concerned Dommes

    Ironically, this comment will likely be quickly deleted, though hopefully it may be digested by a few people first. Those of you who know us on collarme will probably quickly recognize our writing style and certainly may continue the conversation with us there.

    There has been a lot of name-calling and insulting going back and forth with allegations of incompetence. While our opinions are no more valid than any other person’s, we are concerned that without some expression of credentials, our arguments will be dismissed as having no experience or a lack of insider perspective.

    We are writing from a community of dominant women practicing 24/7 in the lifestyle, ranging in age from 23-57. (One of us has a Doctorate in sociology, another has a dual-Masters in child and family psychology, and two of us are attorneys specializing in child protection and business law.)

    Everyone here has a personal opinion about whether something is too obscene to be exploited to the public. This was said about Lucy being pregnant on TV, Elvis and his gyrating hips, Calvin Klein’s child models… and now we have finally come to the question of how far the freedom of speech can go with sadistic acts, which are shot to appear humiliating and non-consensual to the viewing public.

    Speaking as five dominant, sadistic, and very experienced women in this lifestyle, we can see the argument from both sides and have debated this topic and site extensively. One side wishes their kinks to be accepted and given the same courtesy as any sexual interest. The other side is concerned about the consensuality that public viewers have regarding this kink and the balance of the freedom of speech with the detriment to the non-consenting public.

    Both sides are valid legal and personal arguments.

    The consensual acts between adults are personal and should not be vilified by others who do not share that orientation. Non-consensual acts, however, including the unwanted exposure to traumatizing shoots, should not be socially acceptable.

    Blanket censorship, naturally, has caused nothing but harm in our past. Concern, however, should be applied to the fact that this is not an effort to make a social statement. This is a business. Legally, at least in the United States, commercial ventures are afforded the lowest degree of free speech protection because, by definition, the acts are performed for the financial benefit of the acting parties and are not performed for the social, educational, or artistic enrichment of passers-by.

    From a legal perspective, it is fascinating to see this kind of endeavor continue without a massive lawsuit. From a psychological perspective, it is doubtless that some people will walk away from seeing something like this without being immeasurably scarred.

    Now, we do not actually side with either argument exclusively. Barking about how one side is immoral or evil accomplishes nothing and only widens the rift.

    All that can really be done is to suggest possible perspectives that were not considered and hope that acting parties (this site and consumers) will think about them and hopefully make use of them in order to mitigate the damage to our lifestyle community and the unintentionally traumatized viewer.

    PTSD: Trauma from viewing a sex act or violent act of any kind is caused and compounded by the involuntariness of the act and of the viewer’s perception.

    1. If a person, perhaps even a child, is given a sufficient amount of education and example of respectful, patient, and exemplary BDSM lifestyle relationships and behaviors, they will likely pass a public display of BDSM with a degree of understanding and tolerance. They are still being exposed to feigned acts of degradation and rape, but hopefully, when they realize there are cameras, they will understand that the acts are consensual. These people will likely come away with little or no trauma.

    2. If a person, especially a child, is given a negative or insufficient understanding of the BDSM lifestyle, any exposure to it will likely be very negative, possibly traumatizing. To those of us who are adult and kinky, we may look at such a scene and know that it’s a money-making scheme, hopefully between consenting adults. Difficult as it may be, imagine the reaction of someone who has no idea what BDSM is to see a woman being anally raped and humiliated on the street in front of cameras. Understandably, that person will be horrified, confused, and if that person is female, she may have fears that she too could be so victimized. At the very least, if that person is (hopefully) eventually given the information that this is a “consensual BDSM activity,” that person will, at the very least, come away with a very extreme, distorted, and likely negative view of our community.

    From the above postings, it is obvious that we are all trying to champion two causes. We want to not just be tolerated for our orientations, we want to be accepted and we want to be mainstream. We also care about the mental health of others. These do not need to be opposing causes.

    The producers of this show are fighting two conflicting interests too. They want money. The more graphic and shocking the act and public reaction, the more money they may draw. If being anally ‘raped’ in public wasn’t disgraceful… well, then the site would be pretty ridiculous, wouldn’t it? They are also fighting the legal battle that will inevitably come to them.

    Right now, they will not likely want to actually alleviate the social stigmatism because it provides shock value. In the long run, they will need to do so if and when legal issues loom when someone is incidentally injured.

    We as practitioners need to look at our own kinks and lifestyles and try to display the compassionate and consensual nature of it all to the public. To those of us who have actually lived it off the internet or outside of a porn site know very well that when the fantasy kink is through, the relationships with those we play become reality. The more positive exposure people get to this lifestyle, the more tolerance, and hopefully, acceptance we will receive. Leave sex and kink out of the equation when introducing the topic. Discuss the culture, the psychology, and the mutual respect that participants exchange. Then, when the enlightened listeners get curious, talk respectfully and honestly about the sex, sadism, and the ramifications of those actions.

    Please keep in mind that the models participating are professionals and are not necessarily lifestyle members. While it is a selling point to claim that the scenes portray ‘real’ submissive women, those portrayals do not represent the reality of what unpaid exhibitionistic submissive or dominant women would do. Fantasy aside, the vast majority of those models are not exclusively submissive, dominant, or even lifestyle. Hopefully the producers will be sensitive to the fact that they are intentionally representing that these acts and actresses are reality. They are selling a fantasy, which has left a huge mess for those of us living in reality to clean up. Trial and much error have taught most lifestylers that the majority of what is portrayed in the site is not only impractical, it is dangerous and risky. From correspondence with interested ‘submissives’, it is clear that the majority of newbies erroneously believe that these sites represent reality. It thus cannot, in any light, be argued that some vanilla person passing by, seeing this kind of shoot, will realize that this is in fact an expensively sold fantasy.

    At this point, we are unsure just how this site can prevent uninformed viewers from being given the wrong message about us all. A public portrayal of anal rape is an extreme activity that simply does not represent the majority of us. Our biggest concern is that this site may unintentionally misrepresent us all by showing them the most extreme, degrading, and violating activities to the public without their having any knowledge or understanding of the nature of consenting BDSM activities.

    Instead of insulting each other, please think of constructive ways that this community and this business can remain in operation without injuring people and the lifestyle community, all of who must bear the burden of the misconceptions viewers and consumers take away.

    So far, we have discussed the following:


    1. Educate as many open-minded people as possible about the human aspect of our lifestyle.

    2. Combat the misconceptions and expectations by living respectfully and compassionately in our BDSM households and communities.

    The Producers:

    3. Place signs around the shooting area that this is a paid, consensual, extreme, pornographic portrayal of human rape, degradation, and violation.

    4. Possibly ‘fake’ the public aspect of the scenes by only allowing fully informed and contractually consenting individuals to pass by.

    5. Shooting only in redlight districts.

    6. Keep a trained PR manager and counselor on staff who would be responsible for explaining the situation to passers-by and providing counseling for anyone showing distress


  • Lindsay

    I know for a fact I viewed with my own eyes in one of Donna’s Wired shoots in NYC a child walking along the boardwalk…I’m fairly certain it’s viewable in the documentary on during in time shooting it. I remember commenting on my concern for the children and families in clear eye shot of what was happening….my comment was deleted. It gets past a point of simple moral argument to the point of personal space and rights. Do these people in the videos sign waivers to be posted on the web?? You surely can’t account for the busses of people passing you in the road. Do you stop every bus to make sure a child is not on it?? PR says if an underage person approaches they stop. Last time I checked knowing if a person is underage requires in most instances looking at identification. Many young people look older than they are. I don’t see the safe guard in this comment or that the model will ‘immediately’ be covered. By the time you realize a sensitive party is present…it will be too late…there is not delay button on vision.

  • sometimes

    When I came to the US and saw public displays of guns I was pretty horrified. Devices specifically designed to kill other human beings were flaunted, visible to kids, handled casually, even held up as aspirational.

    Now that was offensive.

    It took me 5 years to get used to the culture where weapons of death are flaunted, becuase… well I';m still not sure. Anyway I can understand some folks shock that public sex is within bounds, just as I was shocked that public gun flaunting was within bounds.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the clarification, Kink PR, and I noticed you changed the wording of the site description slightly, too, for clarity.

  • Enigma

    I would like to thank Kink for their clarification on the STD testing issue, and their continuing efforts to provide transparency and openes with their use of models.

    To Tim;

    Must we bring politics into this, what will that solve? Also, at what point in my comments did I even allude to religion, let alone the Bible? I never once intended, or indicated that I was “judging” anyone. I was, and am, simply stating my opinion in this open discussion. Are you not judging me on my comments with your acsations?

    I still fail to see how I am “hypocritical”, how am I saying one thing and doing another? I fail to see that… You also accuse me of “republican right wing hypocrisy” while I’m not going to argue your opinion as it’s your, and yours alone to make; can we please refrain from name calling? (Because I can engage in it just as easily as you, you left-wing “anything goes” liberal).

    Again, I thank Kink for their statment on the STD testing issue. It is still my personal opinion that this site is too “risky” as is… but I do love the idea behind it, just not the methodology. This is my opinion… not judgment.

    I now remove myself from this increasingly childish argument on a simple difference of opinion.

  • Kink PR

    Several fans have expressed concerns about how the format of reflects’s Shooting Rules (, and specifically our STD screening policy. Thanks, as always, to any fans and members who have expressed concerns about this; we are happy for the opportunity to clarify.

    On, our female submissives consent to be bound, exposed and displayed in public, in many cases to have strangers touch them, and to be fucked in public or semi-public surroundings. However, at no point in shooting for do we violate our shooting rules. There is never any unprotected intercourse unless both parties have been tested.

    In the case of, all intercourse and fluid exchange is between parties who have been tested and have valid paperwork to prove it. Any of our models’ physical interaction with consenting strangers are limited to activities that cannot transmit STDs.

    We assure you that as a production company will always act in ways that safeguard the health of our models. We adhere to our shooting rules in all cases. Where the fantasy seems to potentially deviate from that, please be assured that steps have been taken to keep the scene safe.

    Thanks again for your concern, and we hope you continue to enjoy!

  • tara

    i joined this site and think it is hot. in the shoots that i have watched strangers may grope the models, but it looks like anyone fucking the female model is also a model.

  • Michael

    Kink could settle the STD question quite easily by simply telling us here if the “fucked…by passing strangers” statement they used is true, and by telling us what STD safeguards they are using. Seems like a fair and reasonable question.

  • Patrick

    I personally have had oral sex in a (normal) movie theatre in Germany without anyone calling the cops or security. I guess most people didn’t care (some must have noticed).

    And really, nudity is not a problem at all. Sex in the streets would be problematic, but nudity? We all know what naked people look like, and if a kid happens to catch a glimpse while driving by – so what.

    I realize you still need to be careful not to be too much in-your-face – and to make sure that onlookers don’t get the idea of a crime being committed. But really, we have porn shows in our discos nowadays.

  • Tim

    How dare you use the “moral card” What does moral mean anyway?

    Please in your own word describe morality.

    Who gets to apply morality? YOU? Palin? A Priest? How about we take morality straight from the bible and apply that right across the board. You do not, nor do you every get to judge what is moral for the whole, YOU ONLY JUDGE FOR YOU! And never forget that!

    Yes you are hypocritical. You bask in the freedom of expression and speech this country grants, when your likes and morality are stroked, but when you find question with it you want to take it away. Typical republican right wing hypocrisy.

    What is best you haven’t even watched or you would know the fucking is not done by strangers. The stranger only get to fondle. The fucking is done by Donna friends, so I’m sure they are tested.

    So in short, First actually find out something about what you are talking about before you open your mouth and two Morality works both ways hope it never works against you and your closet freaky kinks.


    To all the moralists of right and wrong,crusaders of standart and ethics,do-gooders of righteouness,judges of principle,and porn addicted lovers lost in the argument,stop your game of devil’s advocate.I am sure you are all taken for a ride, first like in any movies,what you see and what they make you believe and reality are two things different.I am sure any would be strangers seen having sex with a model has to be local tested porn actors(the coutry has hundreds of porn actors)Last year in Hungary they wanted to pass a bill modifying the penal code to allow porn material involving 14 to 17 years old to be made and kept for personal use.Erotica expo an annual trade fair have featured live show with couples having sex before an admiring crowd of hundreds.Budapest and Prague are the biggest capital for porn in Europe because of low cost production,liberal laws governing porn,and most importantly a plentiful supply of beautiful women with few inhibitions.And the best of all an American expat who run a business in Prague with 12 websites,his clients are mostly from the US,who pay a membership to watch group sex involving up to 90 people,mostly shot in and around Prague.So relax all of you, Donna I am sure done her homework,and is only on the trail of many before her,in the like of John Stagliano,Rosco Siffredi.

  • Enigma

    To several;

    I personally take offense at the notion that because I take part in this (at least in the US) “questionable community” I fail to have a moral standing. One of the primary reasons I have come to enjoy KINK is because of their moral standing. (ie the use of Condoms, STD testing, transparency, etc). You say that because I’m part of this community, I should “look the other way”? How dare you say that I am “hypocritical at best” for questioning something that seems unmoral (at least to me)… how dare you!

    As for the matter at hand;

    While I do enjoy the idea of this site, I think KINK should take a VERY long and hard look at the risks involved with a site like this. You say you have lookouts for the underage. I agree with Rome in that “You can’t always tell if someone is 17 or 23 just by [their] looks.” So ar you willing to take the risk of someone slipping through? How about the issue brought up twice now on your STD testing policy with the models being “fucked…by passing strangers”? How is that safe? Is it really worth the risks?

    And finally, with the difference in culture (US vs. UK); While I do agree that they 2 have a very different outlook on sex and nudity, should you realy be using this as your primary argument in defending this site? This argument is basicly saying that you should do something because you can (and make money while doing it)… does that really sound moral to you?

  • Cand86

    To Tim:

    I don’t know about that, actually. I don’t think we can- or should- hide behind “KINK” as a way to excuse any scrutiny. Not all kink is created equal.

    People who have kinks for rape and non-consensual acts (not playing out such fantasies, but actually doing it) are not tolerated in the BDSM community. People who have kinks for children are not tolerated.

    And many people here who are criticizing the site are not criticizing the fetish- many may find the idea of public sex super hot- but rather the execution. BDSM play works because it follows rules.

    Personally, I’m still undecided on the whole thing. I even wrote a blog about it:

  • tim

    I’m sure KINK gets enough moral bashing from people not in our community, and that it a slap in the face when it comes from within our community.

    You have become the very people you despise when it comes to bashing you for your likes and dislikes. For someone who looks at KINK, masturbates to KINK, and then joins KINK, I find the person who has some kind of moral problem with this site hypocritical at best.

    Most of the complaints are no doubt from competitors, just doing what they do, stir up trouble for the competition.

    You don’t like turn away. And be happy that most the people who do not like the BDSM you like turn away, or I’m sure your personal likes would be stopped and shut down on you.

    Get off your moral high box, you have no room to complain.

  • Kathryn

    I was really shocked and annoyed to see that had gone down this route. I really can’t believe it.

    I am all for people doing what they want in private within the safe, sane, consentual parameters. Whatever they want! Doing this kind of thing outdoors infront of the kind of people who, generally, will be horrified by the type of things they are seeing is just not acceptable in any way. (e.g. fisting! Whilst acceptable and fun to many, including myself, most of the general public don’t even belive it is possible, let alone wish to actually see it).

    Getting a kick out of the actual reality of doing something AGAINST THE CHOICE OF THOSE AFFECTED IS JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE. I hope Kink takes the decision to stop this site, or, in my view, many of Kink’s supporters will just be thinking which unacceptable boundary will they cross next… I dread to think.

  • CiC

    After reading all of the discourse on this thread, I think it would be worthwhile for behindkink to do another video on Pricess Donna’s new site. Perhaps you can create a video detailing the behind the scenes work that has gone into this site. If people are going to questions whether this site is safe, sane and consensual, they should at least have the benefit of knowing exactly what has gone into the site to ensure that it is.

    Personally, I am going to withhold judgment in either direction until I learn more. I sincerely hope that this is a site that I can get behind, though, because Princess Donna’s work is amazing!

  • claudiodarimini

    made in japan are many videos of public nudity in bus or train. (I have video lesbian series “chikan rezu bus” or “lesbian molester train”). you could do this?

  • Michael

    You say that children aren’t present, but in several scenes there are cars and buses passing by. This is irresponsible. And how does “fucked…by passing strangers” comply with your STD policy?

  • Rome

    I totally agree with paper planes.

    You’re forcing yourself on others. There’s no “i agree to enter” and “disclaimer”, no “warning explicit content” and just no choice for people passing by to decide. You are violating their freedom, and just because they don’t speak up, doesn’t mean they’re fine.You could take scenes in certain clubs or bars, at partys or happenings like that.(Sevtus suggested already) There’s more control in it and safety.(You can’t always tell if someone is 17 or 23 just by his looks) On the street in daylight is a no go. You’ll make a lot of money with it, no doubt.

    But I’m very sorry that you decided to cross that line.

  • Kink PR

    We do understand your concerns, and we considered these very issues quite seriously before undertaking this new venture.

    For Public Disgrace, we try to be as mindful as possible of the people in the vicinity of our scene. First, we have lookouts posted and stop shooting immediately (and cover up the model) if anyone underage approaches. Second, the explicit sexual acts are generally conducted in a location that can be semi-secured in one way or another; there are usually two routes in or out of the location and we have lookouts posted there.

    That said, we do recognize that some of the nudity and/or bondage are visible to people who have not consented to see it. While they haven’t consented to this ahead of time, we also don’t approach or involve them if they do not seek it out. The social standards where we shoot are very different than those in North America; one sees sex and nudity on the newsstands and TV (there was even, in fact, a news story about Public Disgrace in which the nudity was not blurred!). Witnessing nudity or clothed bondage, therefore, doesn’t tend to be offensive to the average person on the street in the areas we shoot as it might be in some other places.

    Each of our webmasters develops their site based on their own favorite turn-ons. This is one of Donna’s. While we know we are pushing the envelope and taking the risk of exposing people who don’t want to be exposed, we do take steps to minimize that effect. It may not always be 100% evident from the scenes or from the stills, but our crew is definitely putting some care into this.

  • Sevtus

    Directly say, the present content of Public Disgrace is outside the law in the most part of countries in the world , or it is on the edge of law (or public order)in a small number european countries. By this one I think that it will be very difficult to make a continuous production of “street shoots”. It is necessary to trip very often to Europe for long periods /aproximately for two-three weeks or month/. On other hand I think a long street shoots series will seems very monotonic after time. Now it is exciting for many people, but will be the same after 10-15 similar shoots?!…

    So, by this one I have the following suggestion: May be it could be much better to make predominantly “audience shoots” in Armory- such as with Delilah in WP, or Bobbi , Devaun etc in Kinktestshoots. In this case: 1. There could be a selected and “professional” public; 2. Much more variety BDSM games with different devices could be possible,; 3.The public could be participate in this gammes . ; 4. The best Kink models could to participate too without problems; 5. The law problems , concerning the street shoots will be removed.

  • Paper planes

    Although this new site is an interesting concept and looks erotic, I won’t be subscribing to it because I think Kink have over stepped boundaries.

    How on earth can you safeguard this exposure from children and families when it’s all filmed in public??? It’s impossible, especially when (as far as I can tell) it’s filmed entirely during the day. I think it is far more important to respect the freedom of people (young & old) to roam their towns and cities without the fear/embarrassment of witnessing hardcore porn being filmed right in front of them, than to allow the freedom of a profit making corporation to exploit foreign laws (that primarily exist to protect civil liberties) in order for monetary gain.

    I’m sorry that I may sound like a conservative, but I think that Kink are behaving in an irresponsible manner by ignoring the feelings of members of the public.

  • Fox

    Pink isn’t all wrong…

    I do live in germany… if i would pass by a scene like that, the only thing that would stop me from calling the police is a film crew around the scene, acting all professional. A gagged and bound model, looking out a window and getting it from behind isn’t that obvious in a “consensual, safe, sane” scene, especially not when she’s shaking her head and “screaming”. Getting acknowledged as part of a society that seems to have “The general attitude … that if you see something you’re not okay with, just keep walking” isn’t a compliment either! (Hot topic in the news these days!) In fact there is this problem with just pretending not to see. And it’s not about being “open minded” in a positive way. (By the way, public exposition in this kind of way actually is against the law in germany.) In my opinion a gay couple kissing isn’t a comparable example by any means.

    Well, good luck to Princess Donna and, you got a pretty provoking concept here. A nice, sexy fantasy, that must proof it’s charm in real life with all it’s opinions, viewpoints and laws, since you took a huge step into the open. ^^’


    I am wondering what the do-gooders are doing on a site like in the first place,hypocrisy at his best!Hope your mothers doesn’t find out your are watching SM porn.

    I am sure Donna and the crew are responsible and know what they can and can’t do in public,this Europe..relax and enjoy.I just came back from Prague, Budapest,no one give a shit

  • pink


    It’s about ETHICS, not Laws!

    Whether Laws exist for this level of exhibitionism or not, is not the issue! I personally don’t need a Government to tell me whether or not certain behaviors are rude, distasteful, or invasive. And *imo* Kinks level of exhibitionism for this particular site is “invasive” and gives NO REGARD to many of the “individuals” that see such blatant sexual acts. This site provides nothing more than shallow shock value; that takes advantage of lax laws in a poor country.


    Safe, Sane, and Consensual should not “only” embrace the players of a scene or, the employees at Kink — it must take into consideration ALL PEOPLE that come into visual contact with the action/behavior of Kinks live action scenes. Anything less is truly inconsiderate.

  • Lianna


    Well, I am sure kink is making sure not to cross boundaries with their approach. After all, we in Europe have legislation against exhibitionism too, it’s just not as strict as in the US in most places, and I am sure kink doesn’t want to run the risk of a law suit. Don’t think European’s are too oppressed or whatever to speak up when they feel molested by something. But the cultural norms are different around here.

    And you know, the other thing is… these are free countries… people are free to do things that others might object to. You know, like, gay people are allowed to kiss in public and stuff, even though some people have major hangups about this – but you know, they just have to deal with it. You cannot cushion everyone from ever seeing anything they might object to.

  • pink

    Just because people don’t have the courage to speak up for what they object to….makes this level of exhibitionism okay?!! And if you don’t like it….too bad – just keep on walking?!!

    *omg* I cannot even believe that this attitude is coming from Kink.

    Passersby are being subjected to graphic sexual behavior without their prior Consent. *period*

    I had a lot of respect for this company — until now!

    What ever happened to Kink’s ethical approach to presenting sexuality in a Safe, Sane, and Consensual manner???

  • Lianna

    Say, how does letting complete strangers fuck your models compute with your STD testing policy?

    What a hot idea though! Living in Europe, I wonder whether I will ever get to see you guys live on the street ;-). Do you shoot in Germany at all?

  • Dave

    Princess Donna is the best, hottest domme i have ever seen, look forward to viewing this site. I wish i could star in one has her slave

  • ilana


    Princess Donna is shooting in Europe where people have a much more relaxed attitude towards sex. The general attitude there seems to be that if you see something you’re not okay with, just keep walking.

    The production crew is careful to only shoot in places where children won’t be present, and they purposefully choose locations where the crowd will likely enjoy the show, not be outraged by it.

    every country has its own laws about public nudity. yes, it would most likely be illegal here in America, but as long as Princess Donna continues to shoot responsibly in Europe, we hope there won’t be any problems.


  • claudiodarimini

    but with princessdonna there will be other women or there will be scenes with men. I love this kind of video in public, but only with women. thanks for your answer.

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