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In anticipation of the first official href="http://forum.kink.com/groups/the-upper-floor"
onClick="javascript:cmCreatePageviewTag('BK:LINK:6654-UF', 'BK_N');">UpperFloor.com cocktail party scheduled for LIVE broadcast on May 29th, Kink.com Founder and CEO, href="http://forum.kink.com/people/peteracworth/blog"
onClick="javascript:cmCreatePageviewTag('BK:LINK:6654-PA-Blog', 'BK_N');">Peter Acworth has been eagerly helping with the construction of a brand new Lounge set. Peter not only lent a helping hand with some demolition the other day, he also set up a href="http://forum.kink.com/groups/the-upper-floor"
onClick="javascript:cmCreatePageviewTag('BK:LINK:6654-UF-Webcam', 'BK_N');">LIVE webcam so that all fans of the Upper Floor can watch the build-out of the set progress. While we won't be able to see the Lounge in action until May 29th, we will have the chance to watch James Mogul host href="http://thetrainingofo.com/site/liveshow_archives.jsp"
onClick="javascript:cmCreatePageviewTag('BK:LINK:6654-TTOO-Live', 'BK_N');">live auditions for slave class candidates on May 2nd from 1-5pm PDT.


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  • Adrian

    I haven’t seen anything in the rules saying that Kink.com employees can’t run from cops or that they have to perform longer than 15 minutes. What performers and crew choose to do either persuaded by kink money or because they like to live dangerously is hardly my problem is it?

    Esther Rantzen got arrested on the street for filming herself handing out snail soup but the BBC didn’t even cave in or apologise, and she was back doing the same thing the following week. She is now running for Parliament. Where’s the difference?

  • arezki

    i love you princesse donna, not speak america

    french si tu conait quelqun qui parle francais se serai bien jador se que tu fait eseye de me contacter se serai avec plaisir

  • Life fast, die young

    Oh, I forgot:

    I really LOVE those scenes were you can hear how pissed off the people are by the sounds of their voices – but you don’t understand a frigging thing of what they are saying/screaming. Especially the women, who really freak out. And Stevens big grin in return is the cherry on top. Hilarious.

    And that scene with the young girl in the car (thanks btw for zooming in on her): that expression was really priceless. She surely never saw a bound and gaged women being “raped” on a parking lot. Lol.

  • Life fast, die young

    So what?

    Its called sex tourisms.

    You can’t fulfill your needs at home without going to jail, so you travel to countries with a more affordable legislation and cops that can be persuaded to look the other way… given the right incentive.

    Happens all the time, all around the world.

    And as long as Kink keeps up appearances at home, everything is looking good.

  • emma

    Lovely people above me, which I’m sure that you are, it’s a bit silly to argue your morals and insult other people that you don’t even know over the internet. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t risk doing anything illegal in such a crowd, so just chill. Besides, they all had clothes on. Think about the chains as if were little kid police kits…those always came with handcuffs, and no one thought it was inappropriate.

  • Disappointed

    My dear trisomic friend 1136, as self-explanatory as your little temper tantrums are, essentially they contribute nothing but “piss off”, “fuck off” etc. (of course in cap locks to underline the importance of your input) to this debate.

    And i have to insist: i don’t spread rumors. I delivered proof for my points and i have drawn my conclusion.

    I asked you to bring up an alternative conclusion (go on, google that word, so that you understand what i’m asking for) and received a(nother) pathetic attempt to insult me as a reply.

    The main problem remains, of course: i don’t really want an answer from some blind followers of kink, who express an attitude of “as long as i can jack off to it, everything is fine”, but a convincing (and honest) reply by someone responsible within Kink.

    Plain and simple.

    Bias-Police, come on, delete me.

  • 1136

    You know what unless someone actually tells you that the 15 minute rule is to avoid police, you shouldn’t make up stories and try to spread rumors around to say that Princess is not shooting as what the rules of kink.com show.

    You fuckers are just fooling around behindkink trying to make shit up and prove people wrong with those shit. Somehow I believe that whatever I say you will carry on making more fucking rumors and so yea whatever. I am not going to waste another minute of my time to carry on with the idiot discussion you try to create.

    My last words on this discussion:

    GO AND FUCK OFF. If you think you are having too much free time, spend them wisely and that doesnt mean spreading untrue rumors.HAVE A LIFE MAN or should I say KID.

    That’s it I gonna leave this disccussion.

  • Disappointed

    We keep asking questions because we don’t got an answer so far.

    Take a look at Ilanas responses: she is contradicting herself from post to post and has certainly no clue of laws and what P. Donna is actually doing overseas.

    You call that an answer?

    And maybe you,1136, well-informed disciple of Kink that you are, can give us an answer: what other reason has that 15 minute rule, other than avoiding the police? Tell me!

    Or do you fear that we might take away a precious toy of yours?

  • 1136

    Hey bjork,

    I don’t know what kink.com is thinking but for sure I know you are an annoying customer who doesn’t appreciate anything in your life. I guess they don’t reply to your comments is because they are just repetitive. iliana tried to explain to you fuckers so many times but you keep asking the same question.

    Go and fuck off man. Get a life.

  • bjork

    Kink’s continued silence on this issue speaks volumes. Plus, they’ve deleted about a third of the entries on this thread.

    OK, i get it.

    Maybe social responsibility and porn really are incompatible.

    i hope not.


  • bjork


    The problem with your philosophy is that if we all adopted it, only THE ultimate problem in the world would ever be deserving of our attention. We wouldn’t try to clean up the local toxic waste dump because there is global warming. We wouldn’t try to cure the common cold because there is AIDS. We wouldn’t arrest burglars because there are murderers, and we wouldn’t arrest them because there are mass murderers, and we wouldn’t arrest them because there are people engaged in genocide.

    You pick your fights and do what you can. i can’t do much today to end the fighting in Iraq or cure AIDS. But i do have a few minutes to write to a company i have respected and patronized for years to ask questions about a policy of theirs that concerns me.

    As an active member of the bdsm community and a person who pays at least a fraction of somebody’s salary at Kink, i think that’s a reasonable use of my time and energy–even if Kink doesn’t consider it worthy of a response.



  • Disappointed

    Well then, technically speaking “her highness” has been arrested.

    Technically speaking denying this fact would be a lie – which Kink didn’t do so far. Neither did they admit it – and they could have set thinks into perspective themselves.

    They had their opportunities.

    So, broadcasting P. Donnas newest encounter with the police and her habit of running from the cops was a bit too tempting.

    And it is quite clear, from the “diary” entry and the other interviews as well, that their “hit and run” tactic has no other reason than to avoid the cops. Or has it?

  • joe

    Well, bwhorn, you never invited me to blow you, so that “once again” is redundant. Now, as to your point, they fixed the problem afterward, but you’re still bitching and moaning about it. You say they never saw a problem with it. Well, they have fixed it now.

    As for your next point, I always find it hilarious when people complain about being mistreated and then attack an entire population, not thinking it’s a problem. However, we here in Canada really don’t have that much pride in our country that we would start a war over some jackoff telling us that our country sucks. So, please once again, kindly piss off (see, it works here)! Au revoir!

  • joe

    whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute, now! I was wondering what video you had that I hadn’t seen. I was looking all over behindkink for it. So, I watched those videos. Now, I already know that all three of your personalities know this, but let me reiterate: those shoots were all before the rule changes made by kink. So, technically-speaking, kink saw a problem and fixed it. Now, you’re using the unchanged rule to criticize. So, again, yet again, current kink does not have these problems. Current kink had no arrests. So, are you about done with this?

  • Disappointed

    Bwhorn, you are quite a nuisance. Don’t you trust the words of your own alter ego? Have you forgotten you-our-my conspiracy, the grand scheme i-we-you designed to bring down Kink? The millions we spend to create faked interviews, using groundbreaking CGI?

    Shame on you, Bwhorn. You should keep your-our-my multiple personalities better in line.

    But, besides, i don’t give a shit about rumors. And the precise phrasing was “caught by the police” and this at least two times.

    Still not convinced. Well then:


    (Interesting that the other post still exists)

  • 1136

    To bwhorn and to whoever against this thread,

    When I first saw your comment about this thread and particularly against Princess Donna, I thought that you just wanted to find something to do in your free time. However, the more deeply your comments go into the discussion and the more it seems like you ignore what ilana responded to your question, I became more convinced that you are basically an asshole. If you think this site isn’t for you, then stay away from it. No one tells or forces you to sign up nor to watch the clips. Yes it’s true that some agree with you but some is always some. You don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone hates it.

    About you comment on Cyd’s

    Frankly his comment is far more realistic and better than yours. Your comments are the stupid looking ones here.

    Your comments basically try to search for mistakes our of every single word Princess Donna said. No one tells you to analyze it and beside you have no proof about your analysis.


  • joe

    So, “Disapoinnted” (it’s spelled disappointed, by the way), are we really supposed to believe that you, bwhorn and Hernando are different people. I know that Bjork is a different person, because she (I assume) has posted before and happens to be eloquent in her writing. You (or you three, if you prefer) have not afforded us that luxury. You are bombarding this page with numerous posts that repeat the same thing, the whole while not actually paying any mind to the responses, instead going into Dale Gribble-levels of conspiracy-type thoughts. As for the rumours of an arrest, I’ve seen the video and no one mentions an arrest. So, the only thing left to say is “stop whining”! and, um…the first personality, everyone has problems. To think that your family having to go through life equates you with dead Iraqi children is rather sick, isn’t it? In conclusion, to all three personalities, at the risk of looking magniloquent, again, please kindly piss off!

  • Disapoinnted

    Well, joe-Waaaaaaahmbulance-lombardiclese,

    first of all, I’m not Hernando. Maybe you even think I’m Hernando and bjork and bwhorn?

    So, while Hernando is referring to rumors, I for my part refer only to what “her highness” has babbled about in several of her flicks. Do you call it a rumor, if it comes from P. Donna herself?

    And what do you call a company (or person) that talks this way and acts the exact opposite?

    And sorry, if I’m not impressed by cyds authority and convincing argumentation; and neither by your eloquent “piss off”.

  • joe

    Hernando, you annoying troll. You keep getting answers, but you refuse to even read them and respond to them, instead just repeating the same old crap and getting closer and closer to ad hominem and bringing in false claims (what arrests? what rumours? things that you make up are not rumours). So, if you’re gonna be like that, of course your posts are gonna get deleted. Now, please, go away and don’t come back. Also, if you’re just gonna complain, do what cyd said, cancel your membership and give some money to starving children or something. PISS OFF!

  • lombardiclese

    To Hernando:


    If you don’t like what Kink is doing, then you don’t have to watch it, and you certainly don’t have to come onto this site to garner attention with evangelical trollish comments. ‘Nuff said.

  • cyd black

    I find it endlessly amusing (or a yawn-fest depending on my mood) that there are people who get their panties in such a bunch about public sex, whether in Europe or the US.

    One innocent Iraqi child killed by accidental shrapnel from a missile strike next door is more cause for public outcry, alarm and intervention than the whole sex industry combined.

    If you have some time to moan and complain, go bitch moan and complain about tens of thousands of innocent war deaths, or AIDS, or breast cancer. I bet you never sent a fucking dollar to a world hunger charity but you have $30.00 a month to watch a porn site. Don’t write back and say you did either. You’re so transparent you might as well be glass to me.

    Get your priorities straight.

  • bjork


    Thank you very much for your response to my post. i agree that i only saw a small amount of footage from which it is impossible to get the full picture. That is why i drew no firm conclusions and wrote only to express my concern and my hope that Kink remains committed to keeping things safe, sane and consensual for everyone involved.

    But with all due respect, i don’t think i misunderstood the footage i did see.

    Princess Donna and her crew clearly did run from the police in Spain. Donna even acts out the event, showing how she pointed and told the police to “talk to him” and “i’m just watching” and then ran (pumping her arms back and forth). Plus she and the model both tell us that the police said that Monica should get paid extra for running so fast. (The fact that Princess Donna then backtracks and says that maybe they really weren’t running and only “walking fast” doesn’t convince me and doesn’t really matter. Running or walking fast, they were clearly trying to evade the police.)

    This is a lot more serious than the cops asking some skateboarders to move on. The PD crew ran from the cops–itself a crime in many jurisdictions.

    The fact that they ran tells me that they were doing, or at least thought they were doing, something illegal, or at the very least questionable. People who know they are not doing anything wrong don’t run from the police.

    Add to this the fact that when asked why they are now in the van and not on the street, Princess Donna says it is “because they stayed more than 15 mintues.” Sounds to me like they have a adoped a policy of staying out in the open for no more than 15 minutes at a time because they know any longer than that might attract the attention of police or lead to complaints to police by passers-by. (Staying less than 15 minutes pretty much guarantees that even if a citizen does alert authorities, the crew will be gone before the police arrive.)

    Princess Donna appears shaken by the experience, and she even says that they are in the van now because after that experience she is “too much of a weenie to go back out on the street”. She clearly expresses her relief that the police didn’t run anyone in or take the tapes, and she’s also clearly concerned that could happen. (Maybe because it’s happened before?) They weren’t arrested (thank goodness) but they cleary were “in trouble” with the cops.

    As to whether the activity was “appropriate” for the public streets, not having seen the footage, i can only say the following: (1) apparently the police thought it was inappropriate for that area, or they would not have given chase, nor asked the crew to move to a more secluded spot; and (2) what might be perfectly appropriate in the Castro on Saturday night isn’t necessarily what is appropriate in Marin on Saturday afternoon. Community standards differ, and the police are entitled to enforce whatever laws may apply. The fact that they choose to let someone go with only a warning or advice not to do it again or to do it somewhere else doesn’t necessarily means laws weren’t broken. (Ever been given a warning when you were obviously speeding?)

    And finally, even if it’s true that laws weren’t broken, is that really the low standard Kink wants to defend? Just because it doesn’t break the law doesn’t mean it’s appropriate or safe, sane and consensual. i thought Kink held itself to a higher standard than “well, it’s not illegal.”

    So, i think you can see where my comments and concerns come from, iliana, even though they are admittedly based on a very short tape.

    And then frankly, the fact that Kink even posted this clip made me wonder if maybe the company wasn’t “bragging” about PD running from the police. i understand the desire to make all PD shoots seem as public and dangerous as possible. Post on Behind Kink how the PD crew ran from police, and maybe PD will get a few more subscribers this month. But that “bragging” aspect of even posting the clip made me wonder if maybe Kink was abandonning its new shooting rules and commitment to safe, sane and consensual in this context.

    I really do not mean to jump to conclusions or be overly critical. Believe me, i am a big fan of Kink and have been for years now. i would like nothing more than to believe you when you say that all shooting rules are being observed and that Princess Donna is literally exhausing herself with just keeping her eyes peeled for unconsenting children and adults. i want to believe you because one of the main things that attracted me to Kink in the first place and has kept me a loyal customer for years is because i have always believed that Kink really does want to be a responsible member of the bdsm community and the community at large and because of Kink’s unique and laudable concern for its models and for safe, sane and consensual play.

    i do apologize for going on way too long. i will just close by saying again that i was quite impressed when Mr. Acworth and Kink stepped up on this issue when it first arose. i can only hope that commitment remains. And once again, i very much appreciate your attention and comments.



  • ilana


    There is no video of that interaction. But i just watched the whole

    scene and at no point was the model naked or engaged in any sexual

    activity. Her wrists and ankles were chained; at one point she walked

    on her hands and knees and drank water from a dog dish; at the end, she

    took off her skirt, but her underwear were far more conservative than a

    bikini would be. I honestly don’t see any example of a law being

    broken. Isn’t it possible that the police stopped to talk to them

    because they were engaged in what might seem like to an outsider an

    “odd” activity? And isn’t it possible that once donna explained things

    to the police, they asked her if she wouldn’t mind relocating to a more

    secluded space? and since Donna immediately complied with their

    request, please tell me where the broken laws are? The intense scenes

    with sex and nudity happen in a place that is either semi-private (like

    inside a construction site where everyone has consented to

    participating) or in a place that can be fully monitored so that no one

    passing by sees anything that they don’t wish to. parading a girl down

    the street in chains in a tank top and full underwear is NOT against the

    law! Do you beg to differ?

    Or can we just let it go already?

  • ilana


    you have absolutely no way of knowing that, and i don’t appreciate you

    posting misinformation. they could have been called, sure. but they’re

    in a huge metropolitan city! cops are walking around all over the place!

    most likely they just happened to be patrolling the area where donna

    was shooting. i think you’re trying too hard to find a problem. you

    may not be into the idea of public sex or humiliation but that doesn’t

    mean you can go around denouncing what someone does as being “against

    the law” when it isn’t, or “wrong” when that is just your opinion.

    think what you will about the site — we are not expecting everybody

    will like it, but please don’t spread rumors that aren’t true.

    thanks, ilana

  • ilana

    ok, fine — i guess you can call donna inconsiderate then. but you can also call 95% of the people you see on the street inconsiderate for one reason or another. i hate when people smoke cigarettes around me. i hate when i see guys being pushy with their girlfriends. i hate when i see mothers neglecting their children. the bottom line, no matter what your particular values are, if donna was breaking the law she’d be arrested! police don’t let people get away with anything that is against the law. they just don’t. so the fact that donna had an interaction with the police that didn’t result in so much as a warning should only make you that much more comfortable that what she was doing wasn’t that bad, and it CERTAINLY wasn’t illegal. there really isn’t anything else to say.


  • ilana


    I apologize if my post wasn’t clear. But being cautious and trying to

    avoid any problems is not the same things as doing something wrong.

    Even if someone called the cops with a complaint, it’s clear that Donna

    wasn’t breaking any laws, or else the police would have cited them or

    arrested them. They merely asked them to move on. It’s like if you’re

    having a party at your house and your neighbor calls the cops because

    you’re being too loud. Being too loud is not against the law, but the

    cops will come to your house anyway and ask you to turn the music down.

    Donna is always pushing the envelope, but she does so within the legal

    realm. Sometimes i see bizarre things on the street that i may not

    like, but they aren’t against the law. And honestly, even if i’m not

    breaking any laws, i still tend to walk the other way when i see a cop.

    I think it’s a natural reaction to avoid the police, even if you aren’t

    doing anything wrong. and if you’re pushing the boundaries of what’s

    considered normal, you’d have all the more reason to avoid the


    I appreciate your concern — it’s always ok to question such things.

    But Donna is 100% committed to making sure that the content she produces

    is lawful and ethical.


  • ilana


    I think you might have misunderstood the footage you saw. Donna did NOT

    get in trouble with the cops. The cops merely asked her politely to

    relocate to a more secluded spot. How is this any different from the

    cops telling a few kids skateboarding to relocate to a more appropriate

    spot to skate?

    When Princess Donna talks about getting in shape ‘running from the cops’

    she is referring to how cautious she is being. She constantly has her

    eyes peeled for anybody who hasn’t yet consented to participate in the

    shoot, and hasn’t signed a release form.

    Regardless, as you can see from the short clip, the model isn’t nude or

    engaged in any sexual activity inappropriate for the public streets. If

    you disagree, i invite you to tour the castro neighborhood of San

    Francisco. Princess Donna is NOT violating Kink.com’s shooting rules,

    here or abroad.

    If you’d like further clarification, I’d be happy to give it to you. We

    don’t want people thinking that Donna is exposing anybody (especially

    children) to something they aren’t comfortable with.

    Thanks! ilana

  • joe

    Oh, that person above made me forget why I came here in the first place. I think I remember seeing Monica the Videographer in some Public Disgrace shoots (I may be mistaken) and wondering who she was. Well, now that I know, I have this to say. When you watch a video with Princess Donna and you end the video thinking of anyone but her, you know that that person is stunning. Monica the Videographer (your new moniker from now on), you are bleeding gorgeous!

  • joe

    bwhorn, don’t you have something better to do? Bjork came here to say something. She said it and she left. It may not be something that I or others here agree with, but it was elegantly stated. You just come on here and attack with no base. Your attacks remind me of the Conservative party’s attacks on the Liberal party here in Canada. First, you post three different posts, when one would have been sufficient. Then, you go to her wikipedia page? Humiliation is part of BDSM. If you don’t enjoy it, there are other places where you can get your jollies. And frankly, to say that a feminist can’t enjoy a specific type of sex really pisses me off. I’m quite sure that Mary Wollstonecraft or Simone de Beauvoir never lost any sleep because the women down the block liked to flash strangers. Then, I got to the end of your post and I figured it out. You, bwhorn, are a troll! Now, please, go back under the bridge. And Princess Donna, I grew up with two sex-negative sisters and I say, all the power to you and your brand of sex-positive feminism. Sex-negative feminism has never made sense to me, because it is basically saying “you can do anything except this, this and this”.

  • bjork

    To Mr. Acworth:

    The fact that the cops are intervening raises again the concerns many of us expressed when PD debuted. Contrary to your contention at that time, it appears that at least one European country (and one European cop) takes exception to public BDSM. (The fact that Princess Donna is joking about getting into good shape from all the running from the cops she’ll be doing during this trip leads one to wonder if it’s more than a rare incident.)

    When these concerns were intially raised, you stepped up and made the right and responsible decision regarding your shooting rules. i hope you are continuing to abide by those rules and their spirit, not only for the sake of passers-by (especially children), but also for the sake of Kink employees. (i imagine a stint in a European prison wouldn’t be all that much fun.)

    Shipping the problem to Europe doesn’t solve it. i hope Kink continues to be committed to keeping things safe, sane and consensual for everyone.


  • sd121**


  • w33

    you are amazing donna.you and isis are the two great mistresses.harmony and dana dearmount are two hot girls.i request you to more updates with both by you and isis.please introduce ISISLOVE

  • 1136

    I have watched this update for almost 10 times and still find it funny and feel poor for that girl. You are so mean princess :) :)

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