Naked Kombat is Back with a Vengeance

Ever since Kinkmen announced in December 2011 that Naked Kombat would no longer be updating new matches; members and fans took to the forums to voice their sadness and concerns, and they continued voicing their sadness until they got the attention of Kinkmen figurehead Van Darkholme. Van was shocked and surprised by all the member support that he felt compelled to please his fans and give them what they want: more Naked Kombat. As of today, Naked Kombat is back with fresh new matches, new fighters and a new format. But don’t worry; your favorites like Leo Forte, DJ, and Sebastian Keys will still pound the mat. Until Van can find a full time director for the site, each Naked Kombat update is going one round plus some extra goodies. Don’t miss this hot first new match with Leo and new fighter, Tyler Alexander!
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