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by Nic Rathert

TomFoolery made his first appearance with the Kink.com workshop program with his Rope Bondage class here at the SF Armory last week. Not only was it incredibly educational, it was a total blast! The knots and ties were broken down step-by-step, which helped to quickly dissipate any intimidation anyone might have felt.

Before long, the workshop felt like a bunch of friends hanging out, sharing a few laughs; while tying each other up. If that sounds like a great way to spend a couple hours, you are in luck. TomFoolery will be returning to the Armory this Saturday at 2:30 to teach a second class.

We asked TomFoolery a few questions to help whet your appetite.

BehindKink: When and how were you first introduced to Rope Bondage?

TomFoolery: I was in college and a friend had left out some rope bondage magazines. I immediately was fascinated by them. But I had to wait until years later, after the advent of the internet and after my marriage, to take my first rope class. After that it was a continuous progression of learning and growth.

BehindKink: What can folks expect from the class you are offering on the 19th?

They will learn how to use some very easy techniques to have fun with rope in the bedroom.tom2_small An important aspect of this is to have the rope be something that is fun and adds to the excitement, and not have it become technical and distract from the mood and flow. So, I’ll show things that are easy to learn and remember, and that are safe and really exciting.

BehindKink: What skill level should someone have in order to attend and feel confident?

TomFoolery: Anyone who can tie a shoelace will get something they can use. More advanced rope enthusiasts will be able to learn new things as well, but the class is geared for people who want to try rope for the first time and want to learn something to get started with.

BehindKink: : Just for fun, have you ever had anything funny or unexpected ever happen at one of your workshops or demos?

TomFoolery: I have performed at many events and locations. One of my passions is outdoor bondage. It’s really tricky because you often have a risk of being ‘caught’. So far we have been very lucky and have had some great results. I have rigged off of trees, bridges, buildings, large scale art – you name it.tomfoolery_small But there have been a few close calls.

We were doing a shoot in a graffiti covered abandoned building in LA. It was in an undeveloped park, and seemed remote. We did a rope suspension off of some girders and Hexxus, my partner, was completely nude. Just after she was back on the ground and had her clothes back on, and bunch of people on a hike wandered into the building. It was remarkably good timing, really. We just acted like we were doing a modeling shoot and they never had a clue what we had been up to.

To be a part of TomFoolery’s Rope Bondage class, you can make reservations here: https://tickets.armorystudios.com/categories/workshopseries

And don’t forget to check out our full calendar to see other upcoming workshops!

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