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As many of you know from reading BehindKink, Kink recently announced a script contest that allowed submissions from Kink members. There were a hundred scripts to read but only one caught the eye of Princess Donna Dolore, who will be directing it for her newest site, Hardcore Gangbang. And the winner of the first Kink.com script contents is [drum roll]…The Rider with the script submission winner Marriage Counseling.

Princess Donna’s schedule is tight, when she isn’t canoodling with James Franco, she’s directing her 3 sites in Los Angeles; so we asked her three quick questions about picking the script contest winner. With bated breath, we got some answers:

Behind Kink: How do you feel about members submitting scripts for your site, especially Hardcore GangBang, which is the most story-based site you direct?

Princess Donna: I think it is great! My favorite part of my job is helping people’s fantasies come to life. The key to having members submit scripts and having them turn out well is finding models who are turned on by the story. The scripts must coincide with the models’ personal fantasies.

Behind Kink: What was it about this script that drew you in?

Princess Donna: I liked that the storyline included cuckolding and gangbang. As a website that deals with the fantasies of women, it is interesting that the male of the script is actually the person left in the position of powerlessness. I want Hardcore Gang Bang to display female desire, even if that desire is on the darker side. That is what piques my interest.

Behind Kink: You have proven that you are an extremely visually, creative person. Do you already have an idea of what this script will look like in your head?

Princess Donna: Absolutely, I am a completely visual learner and thinker. I see visions, then I create them. I already have the sets and lighting and wardrobe picked out in my head.

It is important to me to find a model whose fantasy coincides with the script. I will be sending it around to different girls to see who thinks the story is hot and something that they would like to participate in. I think this script is a turn on. I doubt I’ll have a problem finding a model who agrees with me!

Behind Kink:So which porn stars are you casting to play the roles?

Princess Donna: Hot ones.

Good answer!

As the director of three extremely popular porn sites Bound Gangbags, Public Disgrace and Hardcore Gangbang, she is a force to be reckoned with in the porn industry because of her unique and fearless vision. Donna isn’t afraid to stand up to taboos, presenting hardcore content from the perspective of a woman’s desire. If she wants to grant models their fantasies while giving viewers an eyeful of those intimate experiences and create down and dirty hardcore porn, good for us.

Stay tuned to Behind Kink to find out more about when Marriage Counseling goes live. Until then, Princess Donna’s Bound Gangbangs, Hardcore Gangbang and Public Disgrace are available to enjoy.


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  • W.R. Maxwell

    Congratulation to Rider. Was this a full script or a scenario? I wonder if his inspiration came from real life experiences. I can’t wait to see the results. Did Rider write the script/scenario with a particular on-screen talent?

    • Sir Chaplin

      Congrats Rider. I hope you read my short script AGONY OF LADY LIBERTY, which contains several gang bang scenes I’m sure that Princess Donna’s fans will want in their collection. I hope you beat me fair and square, best of luck to you. In reality, blue blood anti-semites gang raped unconscious women yeast ago, and amongst those women is my beloved, a beautiful Harvard trained psychologist, The trauma that I endured from the saddening reality of my beloved being raped and brainwashed through hypnotics into marrying some other guy through their attempts at extortion while she was rendered unconscious by anti-semites is what drove me to write my own submission for kink.com’s screenwriting contest. It was extremely cathartic for me to write that piece for Her Worshipfulness Princess Donna. Sometimes when I was writing the piece I was almost crying, but I knew that regardless of whether or not I would win the financial prize, that I would feel at least temporarily better by writing it. Peace.

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