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Sundays aren’t generally known for seduction but KinkLive.com and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club are collaborating to change that, starting with Seduction Sunday on January 20th, 2013. And nobody knows the seduction game better than Kink Live performers Penny Barber and Dusty. Queerness, feminism, performance art and sex positivity are what these ladies will bring and what you should bring are tons of dollar bills.

Recently these two amazing women let us pick their brains about this event, and everything else that came to their minds…

Behind Kink: What is so special about your night at the Hustler Club?

Penny: This is the first ever KinkLive/Hustler Club collaboration! When we were approached to perform at the Hustler Club, our only restrictions were to keep things legal. Our routine is completely about female fantasy and we’re not doing it in some bar or alternative setting where almost no one will see it. We’re doing this at the freaking Hustler Club! For a mainstream audience! You can’t get more male-oriented than a Hustler strip club, yet we’re doing this alternative, queer performance, and not in a sideshow way. We’re being treated with the utmost respect both financially and in attitude. Hustler and KinkLive.com have both been incredibly supportive. This is collaborative, sex positive feminism at its best!

Part of the reason I enjoy working for KinkLive.com so much is that I have complete control over how I represent my sexuality and desires.

Dusty: I think one of those most important things to mention about this event is that we are not doing the typical strip dance. This will be a performance. Yes, there will be the loud music and the strobe lights but there will probably not be any “pole tricks” or booty shaking.

BK: Is it your first time doing a live audience show?

Penny: I have performed at events at Mission Control, reading and acting, and appeared in live tag team matches for Ultimate Surrender and I’ve always had an amazing time. Usually I do more behind-the-scenes PA stuff and costuming, but I know that I’m a great performer.XPenny_Barber_Asset7_221415 The Hustler appearance is going to be different from appearing on cam mostly because I’m interacting with another performer, Dusty. The time between sets, when we’re able to offer lap dances, fetish scenes, and hawk our merch will be more like my cam time. When I cam, I think of myself as a hostess and sales person for my chat room. I want my viewers to want me and also to feel comfortable spending kinks on me. At Hustler, I’m going to want the clientele to want me and also to feel comfortable stuffing bills into my panties.

Dusty: In this type of setting, yes. I have always been in performing arts schools and I feel very comfortable in front of an audience. As Penny mentioned, this show will be quite unique. We are offering an interactive audience experience.

BK: How are Kink and KinkLive going to incorporated into your show?

Penny: We’re going to be giving Hustler a look at what we’re capable of. From what we’ve seen, KinkLive.com has some of the best cam girls out there. We bring better toys and outfits. We cater to a niche that other cam models may have not even heard of. We’re going to bring all this to the stage. We imagine that most of the Hustler clientele has not been exposed to sex positivity or alternative sexuality. We want to make sure that their first time leaves them wanting more and questioning whether or not their sexual identity might be even more complex than they suspected. We’re going to work our way into their dreams.

BK: What do you hope to get out this collaboration with the Hustler Club?

Penny: Besides it being awesome to say that you’re a featured performer at the Hustler Club, we want to promote ourselves to potential local users who are on the same schedule that we are and give our existing fans a chance to come meet us in person in a fun, safe, sexual atmosphere.

I want to expose more people – as many as possible – to alternative sex, kinky sex, queer sex, and feminist sex. I’m also hoping to expand my résumé as an adult performer. I’d love to get in on more Kink.com performances. I always see them at places like Masquerotica and Folsom St. Fair and think, I could take that, no problem. And, you know, make some money!

Dusty: All I hope for is a positive response from the Hustler staff and clientele. This opportunity itself is enough for me. This will forever be an “I can say I’ve done that” experience.

BK: What can your fans and members hope to see and get out of this?

Penny: Fans can see us in real life! What’s better than that? They can also get fetish lap dances. How many other strippers are going to show up with their own violet wand so you can shock them while they give you the old bump-and-grind? We’ll also have KinkLive.com swag, DVDs, books, signed photos, and more.

Hell, you can get the panties I’m wearing to jerk off with while you watch me on KinkLive.com!

BK: Are you excited about representing Kink and KinkLive as the featured dancers? Does that mean something to you?

Penny: Kink.com has always been there for me. I’ve been performing for Kink.com since 2004, when I was only nineteen. When I became a mother and needed a steadier income with a flexible schedule, KinkLive.com was there. When I walked back in after becoming a mother, one of the first things someone said to me was, “Welcome home,” and it was a homecoming. When I needed a divorce lawyer, a Kink.com model and director recommended the one I ended up using. When my divorce blew up and I needed a place to stay, I could schedule late shows and get paid to be there rather than have to spend on a hotel. And through it all, I’ve worked hard and been able to hold a steady place as one of the top five models on KinkLive.com. Some of the best stories of my life are from Kink.com and being able to represent them at the Hustler Club certainly does mean something to me. It probably sounds sentimental, but Kink.com has allowed me to have the kind of life that I thought I could only dream of. To be able to walk into a place like Hustler, another well-respected company and one of the best strip clubs in San Francisco, and say that I represent Kink.com makes me incredibly proud, because I know I’m representing the best.

Dusty:KinkLive is the ultimate contradiction because I do what is considered taboo and private in a public setting and it’s LIVE on CAMERA to a WORLDWIDE audience. I love working for KinkLive because I am able to help others experience fetish and sexuality in a comfortable setting where there are no judgments.
Overall, this event is very meaningful to me because I have a chance to open people up to what is taboo or just not talked about freely. When audience members see me being “wo-man”-handled on stage by Penny and see me ripping zippers off my thighs I want them cringe and look away and then, say “THAT IS HOT”. I want people to think twice about their sexuality and what they really into… And I certainly want them to log on to KinkLive.com and try it all out with yours truly!

In private or in public, what these women offer is a strong sense of who they are, what they want and when they want it. If you want to get a little more of them, come to the event on Sunday, January 20, 2013. Showtimes are 11PM & 1AM. And be sure to
bring plenty of singles.

*Penny Barber will also be doing another Hustler show with other Kink Live hottie Bella Rossi on Sunday, February 17th.

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