Takes Sundance By Storm


This past weekend, many of your favorite personalities went to the quiet snow-covered town of Park City, Utah for the legendary Sundance Film festival. Peter Acworth, Tomcat, Van Darkholme, Princess Donna Dolore, and Maîtress Madeline were there to see the world premier of kink – the documentary about by Director Christina Voros and Producer James Franco. Everyone from was on hand to interview with mainstream press and participated in Q&A after the film. Our kinky crew was welcomed with open arms and made this Sundance premier one that will never forget.

Click here to watch the full Q&A with Director Christina Voros and James Franco.


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  • gr8desire

    Awesome – about time the world gets to see this story! Art that combines fantasy with reality in a world that most would never venture into deserves recognition.

  • Sandra_Dee

    I so very excited about this project and can’t wait to see this documentary. It sounds as though James and Christina did a great job representing and showing the human aspect behind BDSM Porn. As members we get to see and enjoy the fantasy side of this site, and this is going to give us a chance to see what really happens behind the Armory walls.

    I have had the opportunity to tour the armory and meet some of the models and directors and it was a wonderful experience. I found everyone to be very personable and passionate about what they do and I hope this documentary does them justice.

    Take Care,

  • Mingle-Man

    I think it’s cool that Sundance allow you guys to screen your documentary film and show people what Kink is really about. Congratulation to everyone over at Kink for getting your movie out there. I can’t wait to see your film myself.

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