At The Armory Club across the street from, Peter Acworth and his wife, Susan Clancy, hosted a fundraiser for The Three Strikes Justice Center (TSJC).  Peter, the TSJC founding attorneys, Angeli Fitch and Givelle Amano, and spokesman, Alton McSween,   educated the crowd about the unfair and harsh reality faced by many people convicted under the Three Strikes Law. The night of signature cocktails and inspiring stories, raised over $2000 for The TSJC in this first of many fundraisers for the group.

The Three Strike Justice Center is a non-profit organization who helps convicted, non-violent inmates currently serving a 25 to life sentence under the “3 Strikes Law”, petition for release using the guidelines of Proposition 36. For more information about The TSJC, Proposition 36, and to donate to this worthy cause, please visit

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