For their first meeting on Divine Bitches in 2013 to now Maîtresse Madeline and Will Havoc have noticeable chemistry. A spark that extended beyond the boundaries of an on set experience to a unique and powerful relationship. Will and Madeline invite us behind the scenes to talk about their love as they revisit the set of Divine Bitches for the first time since their relationship began.




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  1. Rose Rhapsody

    This is so lovely! Thank you so much, Madeline, Will, and Mickey for putting together a segment that delves into the ‘real life’ aspects of BDSM that happen when the cameras are off. It’s such an important message to get out there! xoxox

  2. madelinesboy

    Love Maitresse Madeline and Will Havoc!!
    A humble request to Madeline. Please shoot a cuckolding scene with Will!!
    Thank you!

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