Let’s go back in time with this installment of BK’s “Flashback Friday”. Let’s look back at the early days of the Armory, and the Skateboarders that took their pilgrimage here :

When Kink.com decided to purchase the San Francisco Armory last year, they knew they were getting much more than just a new production studio. In addition to being a historic San Francisco landmark, the smooth granite front steps of the 94-year-old building have also made the Armory a treasured destination for skateboarders from all over the world.

Recently, a local production company even got Kink.com’s permission to use the historic steps (referred to by skaters as “3 up 3 down”) as a location for a commercial they were shooting for Adidas. With architecture that impresses historian, skateboarder and pornographer alike, the Armory has proved that it is truly a one of a kind building.

Click here to see the finished commercial featuring the Armory’s famous steps.

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  1. Psicodom

    Pretty cool, I’m amazed to see how many ideas proposed in the comments to the latest “midnight takedown” entry on behind kink actually appeared here in one form or the other.

    BRW, I am one of those who would prefer a site with mixed stuff (a little bit of everything, TTOO, PD, WP, HT) than a bunch of sites, each one with it’s very specific theme.

    Oh, and thanks for dowing another shoot with Michelle, she looks great

  2. frants

    A nice game I am sure, with the hide-and-seek and all.

    But as a concept, the only problem I see is that you cant get very much surprised by a snatching that is agreed on and planned, and where James himself is taking part. Maybe the concept could get enhanced if the agreement is that a kidnapping will take place any time within 6 months, and that when it happens, it is performed by people that the victim has never seen before. Maybe masked. So that she cannot be completely sure that this IS the planned kidnapping – it could be someone else. Maybe some insane people who are inspired by Kink.com. So that even if the kidnappers only do Kink.com kinds of things to her, she cant be 100% sure that this is consensual.

  3. andrea07

    Hey James liked this a lot, the whole cat and mouse concept is great. Id definatley be up for trying this, all consensual and stuff but i like it would be a perfect mind fuck. The adreniline Michelle must of been feeling i bet was euphouric for her, i know its definatley a kink of mine to be like this so yeah 10/10 from me and so good to see you in other roles too James…..A.xoxox

  4. madgrad

    I see the Audence Potential for Participation in to this Website.–I think you’ll get a lot of ex military member wanting to do a Bag and Snatch missions for you.

  5. Rain DeGrey

    i have watched this over and over again! this ranks as the #1 fantasy of all time for me, even if it is a very intense and loaded one for a lot of people.

    James, i know you said that my ink makes it difficult to book me, but if this site gets up and running, i am very very interested!

    takedowns and resistance are my fav 🙂

    rain degrey

  6. Bunnyboy

    Hum you guys should grow up and stop playing hide and seek if you play tag is James going to be it ? lol

    Looks interesting by the way Michell has really nice teeth. what does she do to take care of them they look really good . Shes such a cute looking girl

  7. jhg66466f

    Wow! One of the most exciting things I’ve seen in Porn…I really look forward to lots more of these “games.” Predictability is the precursor of boredom and games add excitement and fun to sex. Simply rewarding the girls with bonuses for escaping or struggling turns up the heat in BDSM. Passivity is boring. What about multiple girls being caught in your warehouse for spanking and sex, the winner being the one who takes longest to be subdued?

    I’m excited! Keep up the good work!

  8. sircastle

    Wonderful, simply wonderful. Abduction is my all time most erotic fantasy, Love it. The sense of doing it in public increases danger, yet being careful to be not actually seen by the public is delicious. The sense of stalking (consensually agreed to) is just more icing on this cake. More more, please.

  9. David Edwards

    This is an absolutely fantastic idea for a bondage site and to be able to actually watch a woman being kidnapped off the street, and struggling to get free while being tied up and having her clothes ripped off would be a fantasy dream come true!! Also to be able to see what bondage, torments and sex games she is subjected to at the hideaway by two strangers would be very exciting for any male viewer. I would definitely subscribe to this website and look forward to launch day.

  10. David

    Hi Peter. In addition to my last message I think it would be a good idea to “reward “the girls for making an effort to “realistically struggle to get free from their kidnappers” especially when they have just been abducted and while they are being tied up and stripped and even making efforts to escape from whereever they are transported to and held prisoner as if they were just “passive” as in Hogtied.Com it would not be either “realistic or as exciting” for the viewers or the models either..It would also give the models an incentive to put up a realistic struggle to free themselves. Another idea could be to warn them of the “consequences” of trying to escape and the “punishments” they would recieve if they did escape and were recaptured. This could also add to the excitement and the thrill of the kidnapping as they would be fully aware of what would happen to them if they did try to escape and the models and the viewers could be thrilled by the “chase” to see whether they have been recaptured or whether they have managed to escape and then the models could make up their own mind whether it is worth trying to escape or whether to submit to their kidnappers demands. These suggestions are just an idea on how to make the “kidnapping scenario” realistic, exciting and thrilling for “all” concerned (models and viewers) as with each film we would not know whether the model will try to escape and be recaptured or whether she will be restrained in bondage throughout her ordeal so that she will not be able to even attempt to escape. I am definitely excited about the prospect of this new website and will definitely be subscribing, so please get it up and running asap. If you need any help in restraining the girls let me know and I will offer my help free of charge, even though I would have to travel from Manchester UK. Good luck with the new site. David

  11. ana namous

    deep down i think every single girl has the fantasy of being kidnapped and held against her will while her captors take advantage of her sexually, especially when she has no control over it, but deep down may want it. i like the idea of the consentual complete surprise suggested by another viewer, but if the acting is good and energy is raw im all for it.

  12. KittyKate


    If you create this site…. I’ll be one of its first paid members!!!

    Thanks for continuing to make awesome stuff that isn’t mainstream!

  13. strungsarah

    Oh, ana namous, I couldn’t disagree more that “every” woman has the fantasy you describe. I certainly fantasize about negotiated situations that resemble being “held against my will,” but the key word there is “negotiated.” I’m in no way turned on by thinking about a situation where I’m there truly against my will.

    I don’t mean to jump on you – I just wanted to point out that nonconsensuality is not a universal fantasy.

  14. alex_h_8

    Something that could be great would be to ask the model to hand over a key to her house and sometime over the next few months, go to get her while she is sleeping. It seems like having it happen in the middle of the night could get some nice surprise/confusion going for the model, though it might be a bit much for some…

  15. Rikki

    My partner and I loved this shoot, we watched it over and over again. What fun, and my favourite fantasy to boot! I do hope you continue to create more shoots, I think it will be an extremely successful site. Congratulations on a fantastic job.

  16. KuroSaku

    I recommend against going down this road. My concern is that the detailed real life enactment of this Fantasy on the streets as depicted could be seen as promoting the practice of non-consensual Snatching of people from the streets or as it is less euphemistically known Kidnapping.

    I know that you would all feel terrible if this Test Shoot was used as a template for real criminality, but you have to be aware that it may in fact be used as such. You run the very real risk of drawing the fire of the authorities or others concerned for arguably providing a practical how to guide to heinous criminality, and though you may have some pillars of defense available to you, I recommend that that you not put yourself into a position where those defenses will need to be advanced in a court of law on this matter. My pro bono advice to you is to try your best to mitigate your exposure by removing all instances of this Test Shoot from further publication, then cross your fingers….and toes.

    I generally love Kink Productions, and J. Moguls work in particular, but in my opinion you are too close to the edge on this shoot. I recommend you move back from the precipice before you fall off, and take many down with you.

  17. Clawman

    GREAAAAATTTTTT idea!!! This theme should be applied often in different scenarios for Sex and Submission and Men in Pain. Otherwise the same old sets and themes get a little boring for those of us who like variety and spice.

  18. Arche De Katze

    wow James, you had a big grin on your face the whole time.

    it looks like a lot of fun. I’d love yo be a part of that.

  19. Pavarot

    Snatch Game is a brilliant idea. I hope – you will produce more movies of this.

    I know – that a lot of people here in Germany love this. It is pitty – that this kind of a game is prohibit in germany – therefor we hope – that will kink.com offer more movies like snatch game.

    Take care and I wish you all the best.

    bye bye

    Pavarot from Germany

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