Due to all the recent changes taking place in SF, We thought it would be cool to go back and look back at Kink’s early days in San Francisco.

From January 19, 2008:

While we’ve already seen some ways in which Kink.com employees have adjusted to life in the SF Armory, we haven’t yet had the opportunity to check in with the models and see how they’re adapting to the change. So we decided to spend the morning following around Annie Cruz, Amber Rayne, Isis Love and the Kink.com Talent and Style teams, in order to get their perspective about what it’s like getting ready for a shoot in Kink.com’s massive new building.

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  1. Kinkykiwi

    Wow, now there is a shoot I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been intrigued by female bodybuilders in bondage for quite some time and it is near impossible to find anything like that (even on the web), so it’s great the Matt is helping bring that fantasy to life with PecPanther. Great work guys!

  2. helliott

    I don’t even know what to say, except that Kink has it all. There is a sexual and submissive side to everyone, it’s great to find such diversity.

  3. garrity

    Would you believe I’ve had this fantasy for 30+ years (ever since Lisa Lyon came on the scene) and I can’t wait. When will PecPanther’s clips be online? I’ll join!


  4. garrity

    P.S. — Can you see this shoot as the basis for a new Kink.com site? Also, please introduce Ms. McC to Men in Pain!

    Thanks again!

  5. Rachail

    I am still shaking with excitement. I would think she’d would do very well on Ultimate Surrender as well. Just a very beautiful model, and very exciting addition to the Kink family.

  6. flacpl

    Kudos to Matt, as this looks like a great update. My wife and I always thought that the Utah Sweet HT shoot was great, as we liked the notion of a powerful woman overpowered, bound and forced to submit. Yet, if memory serves, the majority of comments posted on HT were extremely negative; most seemed to find fault with the model’s age or her breast implants. We’d always been puzzled by that, so it’s nice to learn that there was a “silent majority” that agreed with us all along. Let’s hope PecPanther will agree to appear on all of the other kink.com sites, too.

  7. Matt Williams

    Being insulting and rude to the models will aways get your comment deleted. As for 1st amendment rights go, they do not apply here. This is a private club, and we gave you a membership, if you do not obey the rules of the membership you will be dealt with. In your case it was deleting your rude, insulting, narrow minded comments directed personally at the model.

    As many people in this world that call our “kink” disgusting, sick and perverted, I would think you would have learned some tolerance, and learned not to judge and insult so quickly what you personally do not like, and respect others who do. Just as you expect people to respect and not be insulting to your “kinks” I would hope you could show the same courtesy.

  8. nyisles

    so let me get this straight.. flacpl can remember how people had problem with one models breasts, or her age…

    I state that I find bodybuilders in general to be manly, and stay that I find a lot of the model on TS Seduction to be more femme.. and my comment is deleted…

    seems to be selective to me.

  9. Matt Williams

    What you wrote before and what you just wrote above are two different things. What you wrote above is not insulting, what you wrote before was.

    See I knew you could post with out being rude.

  10. Wookie

    I would like to say that I am completely looking forward to this shoot. It’s always amazing to have new people work at Kink, and this is definitely a special person.

    Hell, she’d kick my ass :)!

  11. Rachail

    I am not surprised if you find female body-builders to be more masculine in appearance than many TS models. The concept of rigid powerful muscles is not usually in line with the mental image that the TS model prefers for herself. Clearly there is a spectrum of female representation, from on the one side women born women but who work hard for a chiseled almost masculine appearance to women who are born with masculine parts, often seen as a birth defect, and are working hard to exorcise anything masculine from themselves. However within those groups there is also a wide variety of gender representation, and while neither group may appeal to every member of Kink, certainly there is room for both and there are many models in both categories that are truly lovely and have a place here. As I would say of many of the TS models and certainly would say from my personal perspective is true for Panther!


  12. Dukenukem


    I was really sad when Kym Wilde left the scene because nothing is more erotic to me than a muscular woman in the torturechamber.

    Pecpanther is absolutely great! I hope ther will be a lot of shootings with sexy Panther.

  13. Tex

    Wow, this is what I’ve been waiting for, a strong powerful woman being dominated. More of this please.

    Other girls to add to the list:

    Autumn Raby

    Amber DeLuca

    Rhonda Lee Quaresma

    Denise Masino

    Gayle Moher

    Goddess Heather

    Just to name a few.

  14. jm

    Please get more female bodybuilders on this site?!?! Please?! Like perhaps:

    Denise Masino, Yvette Bova, Autumn Raby…

  15. abcd

    Hey Matt! This video was amazing!!! When will you come up with another female bodybuilder?! They’ve always been playing the dominating roles. To see them being humbled and dominated is not so common. Denise Masino did an awesome job in her Submissive Toy video, and Venus did an amazing job with Melissa Dettwiller. Is there any possibility of you getting Melissa on this site? She used to do bondage before! her alias was Trish Wells. Eagerly await more videos like these. I would prefer more muscularity and femininity though. Perhaps Melissa and Denise would be perfect! Roxie Rain is a good option too, and so is Yvette Bova. Look forward to seeing more content of this nature! Cheers!

  16. Dennis

    I’ve seen Lynn on movies and she was OK. But seeing her on hogtied WOW. I will be joining. I hope she will still be on so I can get the whole video.

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