James Mogul has been searching far and wide to find just the right kind of slaves to satisfy the extremely insatiable needs of The Upper Floor’s master Peter Acworth. To keep up with such a high demand for new and fresh servants, James has had to restructure his training curriculum for The Training of O. As part of this new phase, James and his crew are going to shoot a LIVE training once month, starting this Saturday October 23, 2010. Be there to see slaves trained live, you will not want to miss this!

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    Looking for to see John Paul in action and how he will use his power&style with discipline&training over the slaves,in contrast with his predecessor.

  2. sms

    Yup, he’s gone. Someone from Kink posted the following in the forums:

    “James Mogul left of his own accord at the time of his choosing and for his own reasons – albeit private ones.”

    Good luck James, the site is a little less classy without you.

  3. Tabitha

    Extremely saddened to discover James has suddenly left. And seemingly under such unworthy circumstances for someone who contributed so much to the organization. To me, James Mogul represented a huge, huge part of what Kink was all about. The Armory is a far poorer place for his absence, and I hope Mr Acworth truly appreciates this.

  4. Claudia

    Has Kink Com finally succumbed to the Financial Crisis. Only two updates so far this month and

    James Mogul who was the backstop of several sites now disappeared out of sight.

    I think Peter Acworth better come off his ivory tower and get real before Kink Com goes down.

  5. sms

    Claudia, I don’t think you can use the number of updates to Behind Kink as an accurate metric to determine the overall “health” of Kink.com. TToO has had 4 updates this month and TUF has hat 8, even with the regrettable loss of Mr. Mogul.

    Did you have an actual point you were trying to make or were you simply trying to stir up shit?

  6. Starkey

    Kink lowered the base pay for all the webmasters, and since sign ups for TToO and TUF are not splendid, Mogul decided to book.

    Of course there is a financial crisis and Peter does seem to be in a panic. Something has to pay the huge Armory mortgage!


    Pity about James’s departure = where can he go that’s bigger and better ? I think he’ll have a problem ! Really do notice his absence ! He was “cornerstone of the original “foundations” 1 The best of luck, James.

  8. Claudia

    No I am not trying to stir up shit. My point is that Kink Com cannot afford to let people like James Mogul just leave without any explanation. What is even more suspicious is that if you do a search for James then you get a picture of Peter Acworth. I do realise there could be several reasons for this but I think we deserve some kind of explanation. As far as updates, I have noticed the actual Behind Kink getting a bit light on them. I am sure John Paul will do a good job but really there James Mogul was unique and quite brilliant. I will miss him.

  9. Humunculus

    First, I would like to say that I don’t mind that James left. I liked what The Pope had to say, and I’m looking forward to seeing his concept. Hopefully he knows how to make decent sound.

    I have been expecting trouble for a couple of years. How the hell does Kink.Com make money? I don’t believe for a moment that the Upper Floor pays for itself. I can’t imagine who is paying the CRAZY prices for Kink ON Demand and Kink LIVE.

    The number of comments in the comments sections seems to have dropped off significantly. The number of comments on Behind Kink has dropped off, as has the number of videos. This would seem to me to indicate a drop in traffic. And despite what Kink.Com likes to tell us, this website is not that popular. I accidentally ended up on a website one day that listed all of the websites in America by genre, and it gave the number of unique hits each received, Kink.com was like number 50,000.

    Kink.com is not that old. It’s still a flash in the pan. I’m old. I’ve seen much bigger companies than this bite the dust.

    My guess is that Peter has been living off of the money he made in real estate, because that is the only aspect of his business where I know he has made a significant profit. Perhaps he has been leveraging the value of the Armory. Maybe they own a website called Extreme Restraints, where they sell bondage equipment and stream DVDs. They have a link to it. That looks like it could be more profitable than Kink.com. But there is no way to tell.

    A couple of months ago I received a survey asking my opinion on how to improve Sex and Submission. At the time my computer was blocked from the website. Frankly, if they are asking MY opinion they must be in serious trouble.

    In order for this company to be making a profit from subscriptions it seems to me that there has to be a massive silent audience out there that never makes it presence known to anyone.

    Are you out there, silent audience? Knock three times if you are out there.

    Not trying to stir up trouble. I’m just asking.

    Are you out there?

  10. Harmony

    I love this site. I have been a silent watcher for years. The content that is free is so good that there is really no need to pay. Maybe this is part of the problem. It is tough to get people to pay for porn – even good porn – because there is so much out there for free. This is a little more theatre and art than just porn. I think maybe there should be a greater effort to get the ‘silent’ audience out there to contribute. But I think a subscription is the wrong way. Maybe give the opportunity for occasional donations? Voluntary, based on how much you use the site. Appeal to their sense of community and fairness. Sort of like the seasonal fundraising drives on NPR. I’m serious. I would give. But I don’t seem to be able to subscribe.

  11. Homunculus

    In my opinion the subscription business model is seriously flawed. You can subscribe to a website for a month and download literally years worth of production. Why would you join for more than a month at a time? I would say that I only download one video out of ten. Many of them just aren’t very good. The Kink On Demand concept would make a lot more sense. But whoever priced the Kink On Demand videos was huffing paint. And if you logged on for an entire LIVE session it would cost you like $280. Maybe there are a lot of millionaire perverts out there supporting Kink.Com, but I doubt it.

  12. Homunculus

    So what I am saying is you are essentially giving your catalogue away for free with a subscription. Why devalue your library like that? It seems to me if you gave up the subscription fee and priced each video at like $4.99 you would sell as many old videos as new ones. and and they would generate a significant income.

    And Kink Live should be a lot more affordable. Maybe THAT should be a subscription service, since it happens in real time. I can’t believe that there are many people out there spending that bigassed cheese for basically a webcam.

    If you made Kink Live and The Upper Floor places where subcribers “hung out”, you would create much more of a community feeling. And then the websites would be places where people could go for their downloaded content, a la Carte.

    Finally, you could come out of the shadows with Extreme Restraints and sell handcuffs and bondage outfits, gear, DVDS, whatever, under the Kink.Com name. You could have Kink Fashion shows where the models could, well, model the products.

    Any way, I had nothing else to do for about an hour. So there are my ideas.

    Free of charge.

  13. Homunculus

    Last idea. I have a subscription to SexAndSubmission. But there are videos on other sites that I would like to own. If they were $4.99 and I could buy them without a subscription you would probably get $100 bucks out of me that you aren’t going to get under the subscription model.

    You could give your directors a little bonus based on their downloads. That would incentivise them to focus on quality instead of quantity. After all, if they make videos that sell really well, they don’t need to make a new video every week. And if they have a little more time they could take suggestions from the buyers and make videos that they really wanted to see.

  14. fadeafterfall

    “I think we deserve some kind of explanation. As far as updates, I have noticed the actual Behind Kink getting a bit light on them” AGREED! Sadly, as I predicted about a year ago… Kink.com is doing too much too fast. it’s constantly about making new sites instead of making sure each site is rock solid FIRST and adding them in slowly. Did Kink bit of more than it can chew? Shame.

  15. Aborden

    “Are you out there, silent audience? Knock three times if you are out there.”

    Knock, knock, knock.

    “I love this site. I have been a silent watcher for years. The content that is free is so good that there is really no need to pay.”

    Same here. But without reading these comments here, I decided quiet a few days ago to become a member. Even if it doesn’t help regarding the financial situation. Just to make my contribution. But actually I really like Homunculus’ ideas. I’d love to have not only a subsciption to one of kink.com’s sites: by $4,99 a video, I’d also spend a lot of more money into kink.com.

  16. anothersilentwatcher

    I think Homunculus is right in many ways..

    A cheaper “Kink Live”, but not throwing away income on selling “older stuff” for almost nothing is sounding very OK to me.

    P.S. Liked James Mogul a lot and would not mind to know where he is heading too…

  17. Remote

    I completely agree with Homunculus. I think they’ve got some great ideas and it was stupid of Kink to just throw him away as a customer like that.

    Kink owes us answers on what happened to James Mogul. I don’t like how they quickly try to sweep this kind of stuff under the rug.

  18. Waaaaaahmbulance

    Homunculus, you sound more than a little butthurt.

    Remote, Kink doesn’t owe you a goddamn thing. As someone already posted above “James Mogul left of his own accord at the time of his choosing and for his own reasons – albeit private ones.” You’re lucky you got that much info. If Mogul wanted people to know more, I’m sure he would find a way to get the info out there.

  19. Homunculuc


    Butthurt? You think I take anything you say seriously? The fact that you call other people “trolls” demonstrates your almost total lack of self-awareness.

    Go ahead, laugh your ass off. You look ridiculous.

  20. hinkiminky

    C’mon guys – what is all this ranting abaout? It’s sad to see James leave after so many years. He did a great job, I will miss him and I wish him all the best. But have you actually looked the video above? I liked what John had to say. And from the snippets of the shoots, I’m going to like his work. A lot. These scenes with Lily Labeau are SMOKING HOT. This is some of the best stuff I’ve seen on kink in a very long time. And when those shoots come up on TToO I’ll be back as a member in a second. I couldn’t see the live shoot because I was on vacation. And that would be my only gripe: please find a way to make the raw feeds of the live shows available to the members. Pretty please. If I have to pay for it – I’ll do it. Just put it up somewhere where I can buy it….

  21. Waaaaaahmbulance

    Homunculus, I’m not laughing and it’s the whiners and trolls here who look ridiculous. Most definitely count yourself amongst them.

    As for the most resent troll/sockpuppet; were you oxygen deprived at birth or any time during your development? It would explain a lot about your behavior.

  22. Homunculus

    Man, I just took a look at the New Hierarchy page.


    When is this going to happen? It took you a year to find the first 2 slaves! Where are you going to find all of these slaves? Are they going to be paid or just volunteer? How are you going to pay for all of this? Subscriptions? Really??

    Do you really think the kind of debutante hipsters who inhabit the bay area are capable of dealing with actual seritude? And why should they? What has Peter Ackworth ever done to prove himself worthy of being the lord of a manor? The man is drunk in all of the Behind Kink videos. Sloppy drunk. His workers are forced to cover for his drunkness. The man doesn’t comb his hair in public. And his business appears to be going bankrupt.

    Who would serve such a loser?

    I think someone is drinking a lot of booze and letting his fantasies get away from him.

    Looks like a guy who is about to take a fall to me.

  23. Waaaaaahmbulance

    Homunculus, are you seeing a therapist to overcome your jealousy issues? If not, please seek help. You’ve clearly crossed the line from amusing wingnut to creepy stalker.

  24. CiC

    Soo… I’m embarrassed to admit this. However, it seems relevant based on the conversation. I have been a loyal fan of kink.com since 2004. I have spent a grand total of $0.00 to watch content during this time.

    I watch videos at http://www.free-hardcore.com, and I also read behindkink.com. I could never imagine sitting for a long time and watching a porno. The short videos are enough to plant ideas in my head that I can use to get off. (I should note that I am a female, not the target audience of pornography)

    Considering that I have no desire to watch long movies, it has not made any sense for me to spend $$ to subscribe to a site. However, there are a few *amazing* scenes that kink has produced. I would spend money to buy those, but kinkondemand is super overpriced. I think the commenter above are onto something when they say that lowering the prices on kinkondemand would produce more business. You would definitely get my money!

  25. Homunculus

    Call me crazy if you want, but it seems like a lot… no, everybody… agrees with me. You can stick your head in the sand or you can listen to your audience. You can cancel my account without justification, AGAIN. It might make you feel powerful for a little while, but it isn’t going to make your business more successful. All I have ever done is tell you the truth that you are too bullheaded to hear. There is still a post in your General forum called SOUND that would help you improve your sound a lot, if you would just read it. But you would rather act like you are the experts and need no advice.

    Fine. No skin off my nose.

  26. Homunculus

    You know, your audience is telling you what they want. And strangely enough, what they want is to spend more money on your products. In some places they call this market research. At Kink.Com they call it making trouble.

    If you made Kink Live into a subscription service where people could watch live events, hang out, communicate with one another (kind of like what we are doing here), you could charge a general membership fee for that. Then you could price the videos from the various websites at a reasonable price and allow people to buy them individually. And why base your websites on topic? I know that Princess Donna is too confined by the website system. Why not make the websites about the directors, and let them shoot the content they want to shoot?

    I think this would open things up a lot more. People would feel more a member of one comunity, instead of members of segmented websites. For instance, I would never subscribe to Whipped Ass, or Wired Pussy, but I would like to but the Barbie Doll videos that were on Behind Kink like a month ago. Why shouldn’t I be able to do that? I might even want to check out a TS Seduction video, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to subscribe to that website.

    I think it would be a lot freer around here if you worked it like that. And all of those old videos would be worth money again. You have all this product that you are just giveing away for nothing.

    That is pretty stupid. Sorry. But it’s true.

  27. Homunculus

    And maybe you could stop attacking your customers? You cancelled my account for no good reason, and Waaaaaahmbulance is out of control crazy super-angry at the people who took time out of their day to post on this website. Seriously, the way people are treated around here it’s a wonder ANYONE pays you for ANYTHING.

  28. Ben Yates

    James Mogul really shined as a director and producer of Kink, The Training of O was the web site that urned e in to a fan of Kink, the company. His skill and appeal will be missed by many however given TTOO’s departure away from James’s training and the focus placed on Maestro and his training I feel Kink has a lot to gain from a new set of eyes and if the clips of from this BK update are anything to go by i’m sure the Pope can turn TTOO around for me and tempt me back.

    TTOO is by far the best product Kink has to offer but over the years, last two especially the scenes have been very poor, very poor in deed. Scenes/series that should have killed really fell to shit – such as the 4 days of Jade Indica, could have been more highly produced and special.

    It surprises me that given that Insex was ‘the’ major player some time ago, Kink has a real issue when it comes to gauging customers desires and needs and this was no more apparent than when they chose to rape device bondage and fucking machines with a 10 minute (albeit more frequently) update schedule.

  29. Waaaaaahmbulance

    Homunculus: Make up your mind, am I laughing or super-angry?

    Please seek professional help and take the brainless troll with you.

  30. Homunculus

    I’m not sure which troll you are talking about, but if you are under the impression that I am posting under another name you are mistaken.

  31. peteracworth

    Thank you all for your comments. While it may not yet be apparent, there are great things afoot for TTOO and TUF starting 2011. The new team dedicated to make this happen is:

    Major Domo, The Pope – director and head trainer

    Steward Stefanos – community relations

    Housekeeper – Sophie Monroe – decor, community relations.

    Yeoman Keintz

    Butler – Jack Hammer

    cook – TBD

    The whole crew has changed. The vision, going into effect at the start of 2011 is for a full integration between TTOO and TUF:

    – slaves to be trained and to earn a month-long residence contract to serve TUF.

    – Successful slaves to serve TUF as residents

    – 24×7 cams capture action between live shows.

    – cook serves 3 meals per day

    – community events served by properly trained slaves

    – an air of strict obedience to protocol.

    I want to thank James for all the work he did. He will surely be missed. However, I hope you will join me in looking ahead to the future, and the imminent realization of some important goals on TUF.



    TUF – theupperfloor.com

    TTOO – Thetrainingofo.com

  32. Homunculus

    Hey Dickheads,

    No repercussions??!! My account was cancelled. That is a reperussion.

    As far as being annonymous goes, I wouldn’t count on that. A while back Kink.com sent a letter to my house threatening to have me arrested if I didn’t stop posting on their website. They actually told me that my local police department would come and pick me up if I didn’t do what they said.

    Obviously, they were wrong.

    Kink.com constantly attacks their customers for expressing their opinions.

  33. Waaaaaahmbulance

    Homunculus, you got a letter too? Mine said that you were a delusional idiot and that everyone at Kink was laughing at you.

    Please, seek professional help.

  34. Homunculus

    Watch it, Lola, or I will handcuff your hands behind your back and plunge your head into a big metal bathtub full of water.

    Oh wait, I forgot. You love that!

    I will never forget the look of bliss on your face as you clung to the side of the tub exhausted by your ordeal.

    But then all this incredible rage. You are a compliated little freak, aren’t you?

    I suspect prolonged sexual abuse.

  35. alexa214

    I LOVE what The Pope has to say – love his style, voice, and His dedication to this site and continuing to learn. Judging from the last month or so of videos on Training of O – it’s quite refreshing. I am looking forward to many more!

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