From July 25th, 2012:

by Nic Rathert

Back in April, Andrew Richardson, creator of Richardson Magazine, wanted to go behind-the-scenes and experience Kink.com. He brought along his good friend and notorious fashion photographer Terry Richardson, whose work has appeared in publications including GQ, Rolling Stone, and Vogue. The plan was to roam the halls and sets of the SF Armory and create a photo series that would capture all the wonders of our porn castle.

Over the course of two days, Andrew and Terry captured images from several shoots-in-progress; including Sex and Submission, Electro Sluts, and TS Seduction. I noted that Terry wore his signature red and blue flannel both days and couldn’t help but wonder how many of those he must have. Every superhero has a uniform, why not photographers?

Both Richardsons were swept away by the magic that occurs every day inside the walls of Kink.com, and made the reference to an adult version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I could feel their excitement as they watched an Ultimate Surrender match from the stands with huge grins spread across their face. However, the real excitement came when they discovered the Fucking Machines room. Terry was absolutely giddy when he set his sights on the Lick-a-Chick. Though, who isn’t filled with delight when they see a chainsaw covered in silicone tongues?

The end result is a beautiful spread in the latest issue of Richardson Magazine. It just so happens to be ‘The Love Issue’ and features a freshly shorn Belladonna on the cover.

Check out this VIDEO about their behind the scenes tour of Kink.com.

As a special treat, SEE what happened when Andrew had the opportunity to feel the wrath of Bobbi Starr’s firm hand.

Nic Rathert is the Tour and Special Events Manager at Kink.com. She has spent years working in various roles within the Sex Positive, Sex Education, and Queer Porn communities. When not sharing her love of Kink.com with all of San Francisco, she keeps busy with her many, glorious cats.

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