From June 12th, 2009:

Behind Kink presents another installment of our new series, Behind the Name, in which we investigate the symbolism and provenance of some of the most intriguing names we come across in the adult industry. Our study continues with one of our favorite all-time models, friends and wordsmiths &#8212 Lorelei Lee. Given her passion for writing, is ‘Lorelei Lee’ a literary reference of some kind? Do the double ‘L’s stand for something personal? Has she ever written a story and used her stage name as a character’s name? &nbsp Questions like these prompted our quest to seek out the origin and meaning behind names such as Lorelei’s. Please join us as we attempt to unravel what’s in a name….a porn star’s name.

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6 Responses

  1. Gillis

    Oh what I would wish I could do after watching that if it weren’t for this cb2000… #fail

    Definitely going to look for this on my next trip to the store.

  2. Stefan Zacharko

    Very nice to know about; “Stephen Elliott” and

    writings – about, S.M. “We all should have a girlfriend, who comes to our city and beats


    up instead down.

  3. Trinket

    Thanks kink and mr.elliott. i wish i had the courage to open my closets. maybe someday i will be free to be me. keep up the fight for us.

  4. jhmonster

    I’ve known Stephen and his work for some time, and I love the candor and the gentle delivery in this piece. As someone who is trying to be more open about my own “subversive” desires, I find this clip inspiring.

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