From May 20th 2009:
Behind Kink presents another installment of our new series, Behind the Name, in which we investigate the symbolism and provenance of our favorite porn stars’ stage names. Our study continues with the “Internet’s Girlfriend” “Dana DeArmond.” Where did she come up with ‘DeArmond?’ Did she make her initials DD on purpose? Questions like these prompted our quest to seek out the origin and meaning behind names such as Dana’s. Please join us as we attempt to unravel what’s in a name….a porn star’s name.

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  1. chad rock

    doesn’t every woman want to be treated like a princes ??

    least that’s the way i was raised. Women are to be put on a pedestal and treated like princess

  2. Cand86

    I have to say, Princess Donna’s name just WORKS. It’s completely unique, fits in perfectly with her BDSM personality, and she even looks like a “Donna” to me (to be fair, though, “Gretchen” is a rather inspired name that suits her as well).


    Well some dominatrix choose Goddess,others Princess,this is a title that give that feeling of superiority,born to be served at beck and call,and that goes very well with the BDSM activity.I think the title suit Donna very well,and like before her at Kink,another Princess by the name of Kali.

  4. Stefan Zacharko

    (Prince) “purple rain” is a nicely song. The personality of him as well -by interpretation- (well done). “Donna the root of the word -in senses-, could be discovered”. Goes with her personality.

    DONNERWETTER: how did you discover it?. .

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