From Jan 27, 2010:

This Wednesday, Maitresse Madeline is hosting a Live Tea Party to officially welcome Isis Love into the DivineBitches.com family of Dommes. Tea will of course be served by naked slave boys — with the addition of a special new accessory designed by Madeline and built by the Kink prop shop. Since this tea-device compliments a human body, certain measurements had to be taken using a live boy. Slave Zak volunteered his services, and appropriately suffered in the service of his mistress. What is this mysterious new item? Watch and see for yourself.

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  1. Stefan zacharko

    Being S.M. is a condition of the soul. The rider (of that horse) cannot avoid, the nature of being so. Only she can get the “climax moment” or being able to have sexual relations under this fact. (Otherwise, she cannot work). Does it means, that she is a beast?.

    No; because she, or he only would have -with a same one- relations. And with respects of

    behaviours. Very nice paintings. I would take the one with the woman and its extensions.

    (The horse). Who is -in reality- the body of


  2. Stefan Zacharko

    Did you really miss me?. Come on … will be there for a long time. PrOnographers are welcome. (And all what is around them).

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