From April 14th, 2010:

Who doesn’t love Latex? Certainly not Kink.com’s wardrobe department! Our stylist Karyn shows off some of her favorite latex, rubber and PVC wardrobe items and shares some pointers on how she manages to squeeze sexy porn stars like Lorelei Lee, Luscious Lopez and Kelly Divine into such tight and restrictive clothing. Grab some lube and get ready to slip into something a little bit more comfortable (or uncomfortable — depending on your personal point of view).

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  1. Jason

    It will be great to see Matt back with Hogtied, as much as I loved him with Device Bondage, it felt like a vacation from what he was truly great at.

    PS. A lot of us have been waiting to see Maitresse Madeline sub. For me it’s hard to respect a Mistress unless I know they can take what they dish out, so I hope the trailer is pointing out things to come!

  2. sms

    “For me it’s hard to respect a Mistress unless I know they can take what they dish out”

    That has to be the most inane thing I have ever heard in a Behind Kink comment.

  3. joe

    @ Jason: Why aren’t you campaigning for Mark Davis to go to Divine Bitches? You can’t respect him unless you know his balls can take a good squeezing. Speaking of which, what about Matt Williams? 😉

  4. Paul

    Isis Love looks hot totally nude as a sub. But she should be dominated by a cruel woman (or two women)on wired pussy or whipped ass soon.

    Girls domming girls is much hotter than guys domming women.

  5. Mastertom

    Hope the trailer will turn into/has turned into a real shoot! Just for this one with isis, donna and madeleine subbing i would come back to hogtied! LOL

    Would love to see madeleine as a sub!!!!!!!!! At hogtied and at TTOO and Public Disgrace as well!!!

    Looking forward to Matts returning!

  6. Stefan Zacharko

    Outragous and really gorgeous are looking the girls. (In “Matt Williams” hands, I think they are

    in good hands).

  7. Jason

    @ Joe – I agree with you it is a double standard. Unfortunately when I’m watching porn I concern myself with the woman and not the man, it’s just what I take out of it. But I am sure some would love to see some of the male doms put through their paces.

    @ sms – I’m sorry you disagree with me but I’ll do you the courtesy of not insulting your intelligence. When I watch a female dom I like if they know what it is to be in the opposite position which is why my favorite Doms are women like Lorelei Lee, Isis Love, and Bobbi Starr. I’ve seen these women take some of the hardest sessions this company has offered. That way when they dish the hard punishment I know that they know exactly what the sub is feeling, which makes it even hotter. Maitresse Madeline has done great things with Divine Bitches and I enjoy her shoots, just not as much as the others. On another note I’m pretty sure it would be a good business decision, due to other posts in the forum I know that I’m not alone in wanting to see this as a shoot. Subscriptions would most likely go up or the number of people buying the shoot on Kinkondemand. We know she feels strongly about female superiority but whose to say she couldn’t shoot as a sub for another female dom?

  8. Lech

    @Jason while i still enjoy a domme even if they haven’t subbed, i get what you mean. There is something to be said about a domme who is so freaking hardcore that she could take whatever punishment she’s given and then still turn around and beat a guy’s ass down after. It really adds to their persona. Would love to see a scene where a domme is in bondage having the shit beaten out of her and then she escapes and turns the tables. Maybe a DevineBitches/SexandSubmission crossover?

  9. andre

    Love the trailer and am looking forward for the return of Matt at Hogtied. Personally cannot wait what he does to Isis, Princess Donna and Mistress Madeleine—especially if he can make like squirt in an individual basis.

  10. E796

    I diddo MasterTom & andre!

    Loved the trailer and I’m going to be really

    disappointed if there isn’t at least a short scene

    with the four of them to welcome Matt back to Hogtied.

    PS… Thank you Ladies for getting into the

    ‘Damsels in Distress’ mode. As always, you gals

    (& the crew) are the best!

  11. sp

    I can’t wait to see Maitresse Madeline completely naked and bound. I really love her as a dom but at the same time I’d like to see her on the receiving end occasionally.

  12. Julian

    Is it really that hard for the wardrobe department to hem the black overalls he wears? You’ve got square miles worth of latex, but can’t get him clothes that fit? It looked sloppy before, and in HD it just looks even worse.

  13. TheWolf

    I love that Matt is back! He is the reason that I started frequenting the Kink sites. I remember when Kink was just (four sites?)HT, WA, WP & FM. I have only stayed because Matt used similar mind play to what I use in my personal BDSM life. It has always been refreshing to know that someone else knows it is about more than the ropes.

  14. gary

    Maitresse is in the Philipines. So either the show has already been shot or it will be shot when she gets back next week.

    I’m not a stalker, I just follow her twitter account.

  15. Stefan Zacharko

    I hope that you weren´t meaning me. I am not a mother fucker And either of the kink.com are a one. In reality: I do think you that you weren´t

    meaning anyone; just some mother


    However: I think it isn´t your question to decide if

    the one will burn in hell “for ever”. By the way:

    For ever a hell cannot exist.

  16. CreamyPies

    Technically one would burn in hell from the wrath of satan,unless that is the “lord” you are referring to.

  17. Rob8

    When I heard Lochai was going, I was worried about who would replace him. It was going to be a tough act to follow. Now I am excited to see what Matt will do! FanFuckingTastic.

  18. Thesefilthyhands

    Four updates a week! Me & Wifey likes! Glad to see you back Matt. I hope there is some Casting Couch shoots coming back as well.

  19. snickers1

    I’d be thrilled if that awesome trailer was a preview of a full length show featuring Madeline, Donna and Isis, but I haven’t seen anything that says its not just a trailer with nothing more to come. Does anybody have info on this?

  20. ropeman

    I am so glad to see Matt coming back to HT! I do love Matt’s style of extreme rope bondage and rope suspension. the trailer would be more attractive if you can hang the girls upside down by ropes on ankles only ( not those leather cuff, but real hemp ropes), and put heavy weight on their nipples like your shooting before!!!!!

  21. Jos from Holland

    Mooi om te zien, en ik zou dat wel eens live willen zien.

    Maar ik ben ook een slaaf en zou zo iets zelf graag eens willen ondergaan hier in Nederland.

    Maar waar vind je dat hier ?

  22. grlRex

    Matt, is there any way to get a download of this awesome freaking trailer? What a marvelous homage to A-list B horror flicks (id est ‘Halloween’, Friday the 13th, et al). Menacing and delicious all in one package! I would pay kinks for this!

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