From April 5th, 2010:

You might be surprised to learn just how much time and effort goes into putting clothes ON
Kink.com’s models, especially given the fact that they seldom stay on for very long. But like many other details that go into our shoots, selecting the wardrobe and getting our models dressed is a job that is taken very seriously. So when our stylist had the day off last week and there were 7 shoots on the calendar, our brave Talent Manager, Lisa Mackie, who normally would have nothing to do with wardrobe, stepped up to the plate to pitch in. Before she knew it, she was knee deep in knee highs for Jessie Cox and Gia Dimarco’s kinky Co-ed Kink Live shoot and drowning in drawers for Sex and Submission’s Mr. Pete. With a green room full of hot models needing help with their garters and push-up bras, Lisa showed us how to make it work.

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  1. 40yroldvirgin

    Lochai – i’m 44 and have had only 1 lover in my entire life! i’m not unattractive, but my first time made me so bored, i prefer servicing myself to a man! i’ve watched you – you attract and repulse me – fascinate and scare me. i’m intrigued with bdsm play and wondering, what kind of dom should i look for as my first?

  2. veroibin

    The bar set is a great idea, plus it looks fantastic! Congratulations to Chris Gaw for the artistic work!

  3. Jake

    Very good job on the bar. Remember seeing this one club with a speak easy theme. You could ride down a spiral slide to the bar entrance. Hope you use the bar for Divine Bitches also.

  4. Sierra Skye

    That set was freaking awesome to shoot in! It got a bit hot with all of the bodies in the room from us shooting but I had an amazing time shooting there! It was intense but I loved it and I love kink.com!!! <3

    -Sierra (the girl in the red dress)

  5. Stefan Zacharko

    SORRY: Good news. Kink.com doesn´t belong anymore to the 144.000 who are on the earth, and doesn´t belong to the earth. Wish you all the best … but a commandeur of vessels, has changed


    More informations I cannot


  6. Stefan Zacharko

    “Peter, Peter, – Peter -“. Do not be sad: it was just a joke. You know you are a simphatic one, and I did consider, -it seriously-. Kisses to you. And to the whole family. I mean community. Best wishes to all…,

    I am really occupied.

    Things are going well.

  7. amich375cgrme

    What a great set!! You should be able to film some great scenes here. About the plastic glasses – most, if not all, of the traditional glasses are available in acrylic. I’m sure that you are looking for something that is hard to break and safe if it does. Authenticity always seems to lend a great deal to credibility.

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