From October 30th, 2009:

October 31st is certainly a BDSM-appropriate holiday. Though dressing in black and outrageous costumes immediately come to mind, don’t forget that at the heart of many a D/S interaction lurks the potential for a good shudder. Classic forms of fear-play include pushing limits, facing down phobias, and simply scaring the crap out of somebody. Behind Kink offers you this brief celebration of fright, and wishes you a happy β€” and safe β€” Halloween.

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  1. CiC

    It would be amaaazing if you made a sex education channel and put Bobbi Starr at the helm. There’s something about watching her describe really nasty things in her completely sincerely sweet demeanor that makes learning about technique easy, friendly and captivating. The channel could include BDSM how-to lessons, too. I would definitely, definitely subscribe to such a website!

    Also, I made the comment after the last video that my boyfriend would appreciate the video, and I must say that he really did – we had a lot of oral fun last weekend! Great videos!

  2. dragondiva

    This is fantastic both educating and entertaining. You might be able to do series like this in many kink venues as pay perview or keep them free for members of any kink sites. Thank you, I really liked.

  3. dwa

    ms. starr certainly is enthusiastic and knowledgeable.i appreciate her sharing her insights and experience.her approach and delivery is light hearted yet informative.a terrific balance.her giggle is endearing.

  4. MGS

    My sub found this very interesting and of great help to her training, we both look forward to Part 3 and think Bobbi is a real star.

  5. tonytiger69

    Very exciting series. The movie “Insatiable” had a scene in it where the heroine teases the pool man on the pool table and she takes his cock while her head hangs over the edge. 35 years later, I have a lover that loves to play with sex as much as I do. She loves oral and has become very talented in a very short time. She amazes me every time we get together.

  6. sub_sandy

    Thanks for these “instructional” videos; both have been GREAT. And even as a straight female, I have to say, Bobbi Starr is adorable.

  7. xgender

    Being a male this was very instructional to me. As I am relativity new to sucking cocks and not too sure how to do it. I have been doing the basic method, but now I hope to be able to please others much better.

  8. tourmaline

    I LOVED both of these “tutorials”! Bobbi, your matter of fact style and obvious enjoyment and enthusiam for the subject at hand are delightful. I can’t wait to practice many of these techniques and add them to my repertoire. I’m eagerly looking forward to the grand finale!

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