Learn nearly fifty ways to let your fingers do the fucking, with dynamic techniques that range from intimately gentle to intensely mind-blowing. Learn the tantric and porn proven secrets of getting women to squirt. Drive her wild by putting imaginative attention on her clit, cunt, and more. Discover how to read your partner’s sexual response, find her G-spot and focus on it, even without her uttering a word. Arm your hands with the ability to deliver dozens of amazing sensations using one finger, two fingers, all fingers, thumbs, two hands, forearms, adding vibrators/ticklers/toys, and more…often with squirt-inducing success.

  •  What they didn’t teach you in Anatomy!
  •  Safety tips even sadists will love.
  •  Taking your fingers beyond foreplay.
  •  Dozens of bliss-inducing advanced variations.
  •  How to make almost any woman squirt.
  •  Using more than your hands.
  •  Incorporating sex toys

The class is Sun, October 18th, 3-5pm at the Armory. sign up here

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