From August 2, 2011:

While upgrading some of the 100-year-old plumbing in the SF Armory, Kink.com’s trusted plumber made an unusual discovery buried beneath years of dirt and old water. What was this bizarre find? A World War II 3-inch artillery shell that could still be active. Wasting no time, the San Francisco Bomb Squad arrived at the armory, evacuated the basement and used a remote controlled robot to dispose of the potentially dangerous explosive. Needless to say, it definitely was not a dull morning at the SF Armory!

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5 Responses

  1. andre

    I am happy that everyone is safe and in an old building, that things are never dull. As an owner of a 100 year old building years ago, there was always something to fix and improved and to bring to code.

  2. ChrisUK

    Glad to know everyone safe. I wonder what other funky relics will be found. I expect more explosives as with a name like ‘the armoury’ its just gotta be done. Thank you for great content all year round!

  3. PanTheDragon

    Kink.com has always been known for its sexually explosive content. We’ve certainly seen more than a few bombshells on many of their sites. Maybe this’ll be inspiration for a new military-themed site like, Getting Frenched in the Trenches, The European Resistance or Engagement on the Pacific Rim. ~Cheers!

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