From Jan 18, 2008:

Every January, the adult entertainment industry comes together in Las Vegas for a week of flesh, fun and franchise at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The enormous conference draws thousands of adult companies, models, and fans to network, check out new products, participate in discussion panels and even attend an industry-wide awards show. The last 2 years, has blown everyone away with their booth and demonstrations, solidifying their reputation as the world’s leading producer of BDSM and Fetish content. But this year, chose to attend AVN not as prominent exhibitor, but as a quiet observer. So Founder and CEO, Peter Acworth, told his Directors to stay home for a change, and instead gathered his team of executives and headed to Las Vegas to check out the conference from an entirely different point of view.

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  1. leemellon

    That’s really a nice one.

    I like the idea of Lew teaching classes in bondage.

    Propably the time is right for a step-by-step instruction book for bondage-techniques by Lew Rubens.

  2. Barry

    Too bad there isn’t a class in the seattle area being tought by you guys. That would be one class i would definitely sign on for. Training on how to do things safely is a must. If you guys do a show in seattle, maybe you can set up a training class here during your time here.

  3. Perverseness

    That would be a site worth signing up for. A weekly tutorial on basic and advanced techniques that you could pull down when ever you have the time to actually pay attention to them and from anywhere in the world in case your local “hood” is not Kink friendly enough to offer such

  4. knotsteve

    Seeing this, I feel pretty darn lucky to have attended quite a few classes taught by Lew at events 2-4 years ago. (And hey Lew! Nice T-Shirt… 😛 ) He’s a great teacher, and much of the success *I’ve* had myself as a rigger in the east coast scene over the past two years in particular can be directly attributed to both the techniques and general attitude I got from his classes, not to mention his support and advice outside of class.

    Glad to see he’s still teaching — is lucky to have him.

  5. salzburg

    I hope you will show more classes. I always love the more playful, fun light bondage. The young lady smiling and discussing her enjoyment while in a hog tie near the end of the class is wonderful,.


  6. nopainnofun

    These bondage classes are a great idea – but it was not necessary to close Water Bondage for that reason?! Wish Lew as “Senior Bondage Consultant” of a lot of success and good times. We love his outstanding work!!

  7. cry4theslayer

    Where do I sign up?….what a great site idea. I can think of no greater endeavour than learning from Lew. I definitely would like to see more teaching and Lew is the complete package. All would be riggers would benefit not only from his knowledge but from his emphasis on safety as well.

  8. Tianca

    Lew! Idea!!! Make a series of DVDs while you are doing your classes and sell them. Spread your knowledge!!! I’m one that will never venture out of my home town, and they don’t offer thing like that here!!! Please! Home school us less privilaged!!! (I can’t spell!)


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