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From March 1, 2008:

It’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite moments in porn. No, we’re not talking about the orgasms silly, we mean the embarrassing, awkward, categorically UNsexy moments referred to in the industry as ‘bloopers’. While we love the polished finished product, we will always have a soft spot for these hilarious moments that never make it in the final edit. Enjoy!

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13 Responses

  1. incorpora

    Does a foreign production allow you to skirt the #2257’s. (A la insex archives out of amsterdam)?

  2. ChadKnowsLaw

    Shooting outside the US does not exempt anyone from US laws. If the product is sold in the US, it has to conform to US laws, whether it be an automobile, a crate of bananas, or pornography.

    The location of the purchase is the controlling law, not the location of the source.

  3. ilana


    fair enough…but how many hot women did *you* hang out with on your last vacation? excuse the hyperbole, we’re just having fun. you should try it!


  4. incorpora

    Rig the transaction so that it is processed offshore. That should do it. With payment in euros.

  5. smarmy

    Fun? I thought this was public masturbation…hmmm…Last vacation? One hot woman and one adorable two year old son. Im sure that cant compare with the soul-filling experience of hanging out with hot european models. Only at is Sandra Romain hot!

  6. AdmittedPerv

    I cannot tell you what great news this is!!!! Tapping into a basically untapped incredible model pool, Sandra Romaine back in the scene, and some INCREDIBLE looking locations??? Holy MOLEY!!! This is the move I have been hoping for for!

    YES, Peter is a force to be reckoned with! He has built the hands-down BDSM juggernaut, and has the clout and vision to keep taking chances and expanding! Tapping into eastern europe will be a JACKPOT!

    Sandra would be awseome as the domme in a Hostel type setting (without the gore of course, and where the bad guys don’t get beat)!

  7. AlexanderDumas

    Love. the. Idea.

    I’ll admit that I normally subsist off of free-hardcore, but I’m going to start making enough money this summer to subscribe to a site or 3. Just from looking at the auditions and hearing the general idea, I can tell that this would be one of the sites I subscribe to! Great plan!

  8. MadMax4Ever

    Wonderful, wonderful! I also live in Eastern Europe, am a maker of documentary films and am at your service 😉 Andy Brown and Blue Angel please, please, please :))))

  9. frants

    How about a co-production with the Budapest based Mood Pictures? They have some great and gutsy models, and would know much about locations. A long film sold under the Mood label, “Mood Pictures present – a KINK COM film – starring Lara C Nord, Sandra Romain, Princess Donna – ”

    (In Budapest they cane hard..)

  10. nebassz

    also, how about 21st Sextury? those babes are superhot, and all of them can take a fist! not sure about pain, but bondage and all sort of huge objects and machines could certainly be handled!

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