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  • Peter Visits Vegas

    Peter Visits Vegas

    Kink.com CEO and Founder Peter Acworth  makes a visit to Las Vegas to look at potential office space.  James Mogul tests out shooting potential for Hogtied.com in a Las Vegas studio. As the climate around adult production in California is becoming less hospitable, more and more production companies are looking at Nevada as a potential place for production. As CalOSHA, Measure B, and AB1576 attempt to increase restrictions and legislation regarding adult production, the future home of the industry is uncertain.

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  • BTS: Whipped Ass with Lea Lexis and Freya French

    BTS: Whipped Ass with Lea Lexis and Freya French

    We are on the set with new-comer Freya French and veteran Dom Lea Lexis.  Lea takes the eager new model through the process and gages her limits, if she has any. Be sure to check out Whipped Ass for Lea’s amazing ariel silk performance during the shoot.

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  • Pride at the Armory

    Pride at the Armory

    On Saturday June 26th we hosted an amazing Pride Party inside the Armory. It was a massive crowd partying all night long into the after hours.

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  • Peter Acworth Responds to the Pride Party Protest

    Peter Acworth Responds to the Pride Party Protest

    On Saturday June 28th, the Armory home of Kink.com hosted a Prison-themed Pride Party. The party attracted the attention of several local LGBTQ activist groups who felt the parties theme was inappropriate due to the increasingly raising numbers of LGBTQ people who are currently mistreated in the prison system.  Gay Shame San Francisco in association with LAGAI Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention) organized a protest against the event which  was attended  by over  3000 people.  Angry chanting accompanied by [...]

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  • Fan Mail: Aiden Starr talks about cuckolding

    Fan Mail: Aiden Starr talks about cuckolding

    Social media has made it easier for fans to have direct access to their favorite stars. On this update Aiden Starr shares a letter from a fan request a custom video with a particular a detailed cuckolding fantasy.

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  • What Are You Prideful For?

    What Are You Prideful For?

    It’s LGBTQ pride across the country this month. We decided to ask our models what makes them prideful about their community and what gives them cause to celebrate. We even got some great stories about past pride celebrations. Break out you rainbow flag for today’s update! Happy Pride! For those of you still looking for things to do during this pride weekend. Our good friends over at have your covered, check out their guide here.

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  • Quickie: Morning in the make-up room

    Quickie: Morning in the make-up room

    Today we thought we would give you a glimpse of just how busy the makeup room is over here at the armory. Check out the hustle and bustle of morning in the make up room.    

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  • Kink University presents Yoga for Sex

    Kink University presents Yoga for Sex

    Today we are giving you a sneak peek at Kink University presentation of Yoga for Sex as taught by our very own Dylan Ryan. Watch how Dylan takes 3 couple through her workshop and be sure check it out on Kink University.

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  • The Upper Floor House Guests

    The Upper Floor House Guests

    The Upper Floor serves not just as a backdrop for James Mogul and Steward of the house Maestro Stefanos to train sexual servants but is also designed to incorporate the local BDSM community by serving as a place space. We spoke with some of the Upper Floor guest to get their take on what makes it such a unique space.

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  • Contact your State Senate! Stop AB1576

    Contact your State Senate! Stop AB1576

    Help us fight this bill! Go to www.ab1576.org and contact your senate. WHAT IS AB 1576? AB 1576 is a bill sponsored by Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and introduced by assembly member Isadore Hall (D – Compton). AB 1576 is a bill like LA’s Measure B condom law, plus it also imposes a controversial government mandate on testing, forcing producers to disclose performers’ STI test details to the Department of Industrial Relations. In effect, performers will [...]

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  • The Castle Garden

    The Castle Garden

    Many rumors over the years have been spread about what is on to of Kink’s historic armory building. Is there a hot tub or a pool? Perhaps a helicopter? For a long time the roof of the armory has been just a roof, until recently. Thanks to the helpful green thumbs of our staff and “The Chef” we’ve started a garden on the roof. One of our programmers Kipp gives us a tour of our recently planted garden on todays [...]

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  • Siouxsie Q’s Whorecast

    Siouxsie Q’s Whorecast

    Kink Live cam model Siouxsie Q sat down with Behind Kink’s own Mickey Mod to talk to us about her life about sex work. As an avid Sex Worker Rights activist Siouxsie has created a platform for workers to be heard, literally. Check out the Whorecast podcast.

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