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    The adult industry voice was finally heard as Assembly Bill 1576 remained  in suspense today at the Senate Appropriations Hearing. AB1576 was, among other industry damaging issues, a condom mandate bill not unlike Measure B which has proved nothing but a failure for LA County. AB1576 proposed a condom mandate, performer privacy violations and problematic testing protocols which were less stringent that what the industry currently has in place. The troubled bill would have put the industry performers at greater [...]

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  • Kink University Champagne Toast

    Kink University Champagne Toast

    Kink.com’s celebrates our latest addition to our family of BDSM sites Kink University. Kink U for short officially launched today and is now live! Kink University’s mission is to improve the world’s accessibility through learning fun, safe, and effective skills related to consensual kink and other aspects of sensuality. Kink U delivers high quality, entertaining, and informative BDSM workshops and other educational features–both live and on video. The community of BDSM (which stands forBondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadomasochism) has a long [...]

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  • Update on AB1576 – Opposition Gaining Steam

    Update on AB1576 – Opposition Gaining Steam

    Aug 4th Senate Appropriations Committee Hearing –  AHF and Assembly member Hall (the bill’s author), tell the 650 performers who oppose ab1576 – an anti-worker, anti-safty bill – that they have no voice and he must speak for them. In reality, performer voice could not be clearer or louder – WE DO NOT WANT AB1576. The bill was moved to the Suspense File. The next step for the ab1576 will be announced August 14th. The industry is still rallying and fighting [...]

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  • Peter Visits Vegas

    Peter Visits Vegas

    Kink.com CEO and Founder Peter Acworth  makes a visit to Las Vegas to look at potential office space.  James Mogul tests out shooting potential for Hogtied.com in a Las Vegas studio. As the climate around adult production in California is becoming less hospitable, more and more production companies are looking at Nevada as a potential place for production. As CalOSHA, Measure B, and AB1576 attempt to increase restrictions and legislation regarding adult production, the future home of the industry is uncertain.

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  • AB1576 clears California Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee

    AB1576 clears California Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee

    On Wednesday June 25th, AB 1576 cleared the California Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee provide yet another set back for the adult industry. Once again both sides passionately presented their case. The adult industry had over 40 people present to state their opposition along with over 600 signed petitions from currently active performers. The bill passed through the committee with a 3 to 1 vote after going to call. The next stop for AB1576 is the Senate Appropriations Committee in [...]

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  • International Ms Leather Competition 2014: Nerine Mechanique takes 1st runner

    International Ms Leather Competition 2014: Nerine Mechanique takes 1st runner

    Miss San Francisco Leather 2013, Nerine Mechanique takes 1st runner up at the International Miss Leather Contest. Competitors from across the globe came to participate in the 28th year of the contest. From as far away as Sydney, Australia to as close as Oakland, California the turn out at this years event was a site to see.  Congratulations to International Miss Leather Patty from Toronto and International Miss Bootblack Dara from Portland Oregon!

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  • An important message to all performers! STOP AB 1576!

    An important message to all performers! STOP AB 1576!

    Tuesday, AB 1576 passed through the California Arts & Entertainment Committee. Presented by its supporters as a condom bill to help protect adult industry performers, the poorly written bill does exactly the opposite and puts performers at far greater risk. Lorelei Lee was at both public and private meetings of the committee and explains why her and the majority of performers are against the bill. We urge everyone who opposes this bill to contact members of the Appropriations [...]

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  • Behind Kink is now on Instagram!

    Behind Kink is now on Instagram!

    be sure to now follow us on Instagram to see some candid behind the scenes photos of models on set. Follow Behind Kink on Instagram

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  • Have you heard of Kinky?

    Have you heard of Kinky?

    If you haven’t heard, Kinky is the word. Get all the best BDSM and sex positive related content from across the world. Kinky takes some of the best stories, news and events and puts them one delicious package. Kinky takes the NSFW and makes it a little safer. Want to share with friends without leading them to explicit content then Kinky is the way to do it. Interested in the intersection of kink and pop-culture then kinky.com is where you want [...]

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  • Creative Mindfuckery with Danarama this Sunday Feb 9th

    Creative Mindfuckery with Danarama this Sunday Feb 9th

    Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 1:00pm PST  This class will be available to an in-studio audience as well as to a limited on-line audience. In-studio audience members will not be filmed. In-Studio Audience Tickets   On-line Audience Tickets The physical aspects of S/m can only go so far in taking people into subspace. Headspace is where it’s at. But you don’t have to be a hypnotist, psychologist or shaman to get there. Danarama shares a wide range of techniques, [...]

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  • Interview: Jessie Colter

    Interview: Jessie Colter

    Kinkmen star Jessie Colter shares his views on BDSM, “gay for pay”, condoms, and the adult industry. Check out Jessie’s unique perspective in this interview as well as his amazing scenes as both Dom and submissive here.    

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  • Kink goes to AVN

    Kink goes to AVN

    Behind Kink had a great time at the 2014 AVN Awards and AEE expo in Las Vegas. In addition to picking up awards for Best Web Premiere (Public Disgrace #31515) & Best Alternative Website (Kink.com) Special corespondent Mickey Mod hit the convention floor to chat with Lea Lexis, Aiden Starr, Cassandra Nix, Prince Yahshua, Nicki Hunter,  and Jodi Taylor.    

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