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  • Peter Acworth Responds to the Pride Party Protest

    Peter Acworth Responds to the Pride Party Protest

    On Saturday June 28th, the Armory home of Kink.com hosted a Prison-themed Pride Party. The party attracted the attention of several local LGBTQ activist groups who felt the parties theme was inappropriate due to the increasingly raising numbers of LGBTQ people who are currently mistreated in the prison system.  Gay Shame San Francisco in association with LAGAI Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention) organized a protest against the event which  was attended  by over  3000 people.  Angry chanting accompanied by [...]

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  • The Armory

    Richardson Magazine Come to Kink.com

    by Nic Rathert Back in April, Andrew Richardson, creator of Richardson Magazine, wanted to go behind-the-scenes and experience Kink.com. He brought along his good friend and notorious fashion photographer Terry Richardson, whose work has appeared in publications including GQ, Rolling Stone, and Vogue. The plan was to roam the halls and sets of the SF Armory and create a photo series that would capture all the wonders of our porn castle. Over the [...]

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  • Indietro Wins Best Narrative Film at Cinekink NYC

    Indietro Wins Best Narrative Film at Cinekink NYC

    On March 9th, 2011 the CineKink NYC film festival organizers announced that Kink Studios Director Vivian Darkbloom’s film “Indietro” was picked as “Best Narrative Feature” through its Audience Choice Awards. The choice awards were determined by audience ballot just following each eligible film’s screening during the festival. “Indietro”, inspired by “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, Anais Nin, and “The Story of O”, is a story about relationships, misconceptions, and desire. On a chilly winter evening, Honey and [...]

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  • The Flag Thieves Return; This Time There’s an Eye Witness

    The Flag Thieves Return; This Time There’s an Eye Witness

    View As: WMV HD |WMV | MP4 HD | iPod Earlier this week, 2 thieves who called themselves 'Rockit' and 'Famous' stole Kink.com's Flags from the Armory's roof and replaced them with banners bearing their monikers. With nothing to go by but a mysterious audio recording and leather harness, our exhaustive investigation produced no clear leads, and we had no choice but to follow the ransom note's instructions. So we flew the bandits' flags [...]

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  • Broad Support for Kink.com’s Armory move

    The San Francisco Business Times recently ran a poll which asked the question “Do you think a porn movie set is the best use for San Francisco’s old Armory”. Despite the obviously poor wording of this question, the results speak for themselves. Additionally, according to Eve Batey, the Blogging and Interactive Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Violet Blue’s column netted 32 positive email responses for Kink/armory, and 5 against. “This is reflective [...]

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  • My Day at the Porn Palace

    My Day at the Porn Palace

    Stephen Elliot writes about his day at Kink.com for Salon.com. Stephen gives an in-depth description of what goes on during a Kink.com shoot.

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